WOD: 05-12-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. laura

    uhhhhh you forgot 900 METERS off of that first row round 🙂

    Well I didn’t get to complete this due to time….. I did the first round complete

    then ran once around the building and completed the round 2 push ups and squats then RAN to my car to leave 🙂


    Glad we worked on pull ups today…I really have got to get better at these…

    1. silverbackmattp

      I am really pleased you squeezed in that second round, you found that gear we were looking for on squats, keep pushing, the results we want require us march forward into new and unfamiliar territory at every opportunity, enjoy that and the sky is the limit. Great Job!

      1. laura

        Thank you very much! This was really tough. I KNOW for sure I wouldn’t be able to push myself as hard as you make me push myself. Thank you for that! I wanna keep marching 🙂

  2. drew

    This workout was intense glad we got a rest. Was very tingley after the second row. Rowing has slowed a bit and I don’t know why.

    Great job to the ladies on the paleo you are almost out of the hardest phase. Keep up the good work!

  3. sleepyjingli

    HARD is too short a word to describe how I feel about this WOD:)
    I came home told my homeschooling son to teach himself for two hours while mom trying to resurrect herself.
    Still have a huge headache, but I will live.

    Thank you fellow Silverbacks for being such a great example for me. Without your inspiration, I would never carry through the program this morning.

  4. Linda

    The girl-illas rocked it this morning. Congrats Christine F. for you intro to the red band. Tracy, Krystal, and Meredith looked strong on the seal complex. Did the WOD with a time of 24:34.

  5. Casey

    I really wish I could remember my numbers…….. 7 something, 5 something and 2 something. I was in a group with some very strong and very fast men. I could not hang with them on the row but tried my best to catch them on the push ups and squats. I love these workouts. I pushed way out of my comfort zone……..felt great.

    The girl-rillas did this WOD as originally Rx with no rest between rounds. Outstanding performances across the board!!

  6. Gary

    Wow. Tough WOD to jump back into action. Good thing I worked out several times last week on the road.

    Running out of workouts. Gets a little monotonous when all you have to work with are dumbells and a treadmill. Any suggestions for some workouts would be appreciated. Running out of ideas.

    1. brad

      A few of these are my favorite portable wods:

      1. 4x run 400m, 50 squats
      2. “Michael” – 3x run 800m, 50 back extensions, 50 situps (sub “good mornings”
      for back extension if suitable apparatus not available)
      3. Run/jump up and down the stairwells
      4. AMRAP in 20 mins – 9 pushups, 12 squats, 15 situps
      5. Jump rope, practice double unders
      6. Pistol practice
      7. HSPU progression practice (Casey has a great one that could be done anywhere)
      8. 100 burpees for time

    2. Tim M

      Hey Gary, go to http://gzcrossfit.com/ and look at the ‘Hembrees’ workouts. X-fit Ground-Zero has dedicated these workouts to friends of theirs who have no (or very limited) equipment. Look through their ‘older-posts’ for a wide variety of WODs.

      1. Linda

        Uh, oh, How did you find Crossfit Ground Zero? Didn’t I tell you that all the crossfit boxes in OK are closed during our short visit there? No really.

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