WOD: 05-14-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. drew

    Great workout really enjoyed the two new formats this week, with this and AMRAP.

    Felt good on DL 275-315-365

    Did 115 on the WOD it was too light so I added 30 on the last 2 sets and it felt better. Next time I will start with more.

    1. Christina

      I just thought of what you could bring for tomorrow…drinks! One case of water and whatever else you would like to bring. You can bring them iced down which would be great. Thanks!

  2. Christina

    I almost did my first kipping pull up! My goal is to do several back to back by the end of the year. I’m so close. I will definitely put more weight on next time. This has been a grueling week for me, but it’s way better than eating chips and sitting on the couch!

    I love working out with all of you, it makes me work harder.

  3. Gary

    I’m proud of you, C. And confident that you will be able to do three Kips by end of summer. You have come so far since we started working out with Casey and Matt 6 months ago. Thanks to you both, and thanks to the rest of our Silverback family for always being encouraging. Four compliments from friends all this last week, I’m sure they make all that sweat, queeziness, and sleepiness all worth while, not to mention feeling so much better about yourself.

    I’ve only been able to come a handful of times lately, but have really enjoyed being pushed even harder on some of these recent WODs. Thanks for the traveling WOD ideas. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

    If anyone is having troubles finding the place or getting in, give me a call at (713)502-4921,

  4. brad

    Congratulations Christina. You look a lot closer than “end of year” to me.

    5RM DL@315 (Drew – check out your DL on beyondthewhiteboard. Your lift is 91st percentile. Wow)

    Wod@95, way too light. Even though the wod was clearly written on the board, in my mind it was an ascending ladder (1 at first minute, 2 at second 3 etc up to 15 at 15 minutes). I thought 95 was a nice challenge, and it would have been if the wod were an ascending ladder. It literally wasn’t until Matt yelled “5 reps in 3, 2, 1, go!” that I understood the workout. Duh. Brain fart. I was too embarassed to admit I didn’t get it. But Julie, Cassie et al inspired me by adding weight so I joined in.

    1. sleepyjingli

      Brad, you are funny. I never heard of the expression Brain Fart before:)

      I didn’t want to look like a big show off, but my pathetic 25lb was not going to count as a WOD. I did that much when I first started three months ago.

  5. Casey

    Small group of girl-rillas but max effort! Christine, Crystal and Tracey- awesome job on DL’s and the “Cleaner”!

    DL – 150, 175, 195(4)
    WOD – 30lb DB’s……not a fan of the DB’s but like Matt said, the worst that could happen is I get stronger 🙂 Thanks Matt.

    See you guys tomorrow!

  6. sleepyjingli

    Hooray! Two NEW PRs.
    DL: 125lb. Finally broke a 100lb.
    Thank you, Matt, for encouraging me to add more weight and be bold about it.

    Hang power clean: 35lb

    Now, I can go have some fried rice. (Shhhh, don’t tell Casey about it)

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