WOD: 05-15-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-15-2010

Saturday: Always a little different, always a lot of fun.

Jonescrawl Modified:

Five Rounds for time:

Deadlift x 15

Box Jump x 15

Atomic Sit Ups x 15

How addictive is CrossFit? Chris's sister Melissa was his ride to the gym, now she's tearing up WOD's all week long, GREAT JOB GUYS!

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  1. brad

    I couldn’t make it this morning and my back says “thank you”. 75 deadlifts today, ouch.

    But, I did go to globo to do a little test this afternoon — a complete, non-scaled Eva. Time was 1:04 (and that’s not a minute and four seconds). Certainly not fast, but a test of will more than anything else. I wanted to quit after three rounds but CFSB has removed quit from the vocabulary.

    Have fun tonight. Hope the rain stops.

  2. drew

    I love gym jones! This is a great workout. Great job everyone! Casey smoked my time and really set the bar!

    13:25 – 205lb DL and the 30” Box (very happy about that)

    Deadlift got heavy after first round. The weight was perfect, right at 50%. Although I am looking forward to a new round of 1RM days.

    1. Casey

      Smoked is really too strong a word. However, if you hadn’t laughed at me during the WOD I probably wouldn’t have had the fire to beat you.

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