WOD: 05-18-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Linda

    This definitely kicked something on me. My time 24 min -ish. Good group this morning. What I like are the “extras”. Like the discussion this morning about “showering up” and why this phrase doesn’t make sense to others. Something to ponder while you are lifting the kettle bell for that third wonderful round. Welcome shout out to Amy.

  2. drew

    I wish I did not have to leave! Would have liked to get that third round in! I know, Matt, you were trying to get us to move along during OHS for that very reason. I showered down this morning Jim, sorry I did not take your advice!

  3. Casey

    Jim, if you had showered “down” and not showered “up” you might have realized your phone was with you all along 🙂

  4. brad

    Pretty cool that the oldest dude in the box is loading up the most weight for his OHS. Even if he does talk funny. Nice job, Jim. Inspiring stuff.

    1. buckeye76

      Brad, thanks for the props. IT is invigorating to excel at something at the box. It has been awhile since I led a lift. I am sure that givn time, the “younger pups” and I trust everyone has heard of that expression, will catch me and exceed me.

      As it relates to “showering up” and the comments from the ‘family’ … I got nothing, no response, except a heavy heart because of the sheltered life some have lead and do nto have the colorful vocabulary or life lessons that others have. 🙂

      I trust that last comment was taken in the spirit it was given. It is sort of like a “rank-out” session.

        1. silverbackmattp

          A traditional or classic meal begins with the soup course and finishes with a small serving of nuts after desert. Hence the term soup to nuts. Now bonus points for those can tell me the origin of the more often heard “tow the line” without going online.

      1. buckeye76

        The original start comes from the Britians, I think, relating to politicians and the length of distances between then while engaged in a discussion. I believe teh length was determined by the sword the politicians carried.

  5. dick d

    Looks like I have missed some serious bonding sessions with the silverback nation. Back in town but will be gone again all next week. 🙁

  6. Niko

    Gotta say, I still have no love for KB’s. This one had a high suck factor and halfway through my second round of rowing I’m pretty sure I tasted my own spleen. Not as cool as it sounds. Finished in 14:19 and put up 185 on OHS. Much fun, much fun.

      1. Niko

        Thanks Bear. I don’t know if I could do half of what we do in the Box on my own at a Globogym. Different energy in the Box. Thanks to Zach for sticking around and giving me pointers and motivation, and props to Johnny for going all out on his last set. Seeing everyone work so hard is strong fuel.

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