WOD: 05-19-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. buckeye76

    Casey, nice kick on the first 400 meter, I was 1 step behind you at the last corner and you found a NOS can. I did not feel bad passing you on the 2nd 400 meter. The last one you had distance on me before I got out of the box.

    Times per round: 1st 2:29 / 2nd 2:28 / 3rd 2:43.

    Lynn, nice triple negative.

  2. drew

    Worked out at Hub City Crossfit here in Lubbock this AM. Cody Settle has a great box, checkout his site http://www.hubcitycrossfit.com/

    5 Rounds
    Sit Ups x 30
    Wall Balls x 20 (20lbs)
    Double Unders x 30 (Due to my magnificent rope jumping skill subbed singles, 60)
    Time: 13:38

  3. Casey

    Thanks Jim. We’ll call it even b/c my OHS should have been heavier. I can’t even imagine what NOS means but I’m not going to ask.

    Great job Girl-rillas!! I think I had a watch mishap on the second round but lots of negative splits between rounds 1 and 3.

    I think my times were 2:28, 2:34, 2:30 (55lb)

  4. sleepyjingli

    My entire back is so sore from OH squat I did yesterday (at least I think that’s the reason or maybe the KB or maybe the rowing:), I walked like a ballerina all day….

    Today, Uhhhh, another R.
    I am struggling between want to go or should go….

  5. Linda

    Thanks for sparing us the extra 2 rounds for a full on “Nancy”. Maybe should have gone heavier on OHS, need a little more time to feel comfortable with this lift. Heard Dick in my head…yes, I hear people in my head, I know ‘splains a lot, reminding me keep my head up during the run and I really think it helped. Thanks D, grasshopper listens and remembers.
    Time: 3:27- 3:08- 3:15

  6. Niko

    1st – 3:35
    2nd – 3:25
    3rd – 3:41 ( I’m pretty sure my legs stoppped listening to my brain on this round )

    Used 95# on all three rounds of OHS. Brutally effective at smoking your legs before a run. Looking forward to the next WOD which means I’m either hooked on this Crossfit thing, or I’m losing my mind.:)

    1. Dick D

      Niko, you left the softball floating in cyperspace so….both to your last line! Not sure which comes first (Crossfit or crazy). Kinda like the chicken or the egg. In the end does it really matter? Now we have all the chicken we can eat!

      Ok, so I sound like the crazy one. See y’all at the beginning of June…I hope this schedule slows up by then.

  7. corri

    Shout out to Matt for encouraging Meryl. Thanks Meryl for sticking with me :o) love u honey. Bear thanks for the support.
    Mom 7-8-9. Meryl 4
    3:16 1:48 (200)
    2:56. 2:03 (200)
    2:55 2:57 (400)

    We love our crossfit family. Christina and Gary thanks again for the party can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Gary

    You’re welcome, we enjoyed hosting. And it was good to get to know everyone a little more – away from the early morning nappy hair and bad breath. You ladies polish up real nice. Some of you guys, on the other hand,…….

    Need work on shoulder flexibility and OHS strength. Strength in back squats (305) certainly doesn’t translate into OHS strength. Crossed the finish line in 2:30, 2:31, and 2:35 toting only 65lb.

    Matt said the workout tomorrow was a “good one”. Looking forward to it. See everyone there. My guess is it involves the next hand stand progression, and we’ll have to run 400m in hand stand.

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