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FUN de MENTALS class Sat 21st 7:00 am to 8:30am : Primarily for our new members but open to all Silverbacks we will be providing detailed instruction in heavy lifting, establishing personal base line standards and a detailed instruction in the principals of CrossFit Methodology.  Speak to any of the instructors or use the comments section to RSVP

Just FUN at our 9:00 am workout: Here’s what Happened!

“Back and Forth”

Push Press x 21

Alternating Team Tire Flips  (Split the team in half on opposite sides of the tire)

Each athlete rotates through the Push Press.  Team keeps a running count of tire flips.

Large team 1 round (5 ) 2 rounds small team (3)

Tearing up the workout outside always brings out a little more.

Cassie and Julie doing their part for the Girl-rillas

Lynn pulling anchor for the Girl-rillas on #21 of 21 after 45+ tire flips.

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  1. Casey

    FUN de MENTALS was really FUN this morning. Great instruction from Matt and superb effort from all the athletes. Great push press Johnny and Nico. Tracey and Rachel were both looking so strong. Christine, we discovered, is a natural deadlifter…….185 for her first max DL!

  2. silverbackmattp

    Part of the day I had Julie mis-labeled as Laura. My apologies, if you know them you could easily understand how that happened

  3. buckeye76

    Enjoyed the WOD outside. The five man team should have gone 2 rounds. Niko, enjoyed working on cleans with you after the WOD. Nice job.

  4. Niko

    Thanks Jim, as did I. The Fundamentals class was (as that Tiger character puts it) GRRRREAT!!! Thanks for the insight and coaching Matt, Tim, and Casey. It’s pretty awesome when you can get instant feedback, apply it, and see the results in a movement. Now, if I can just get that pesky deadlift squared away….

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