WOD: 05-21-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-21-2010

“Fight to Win” or don’t fight at all

As many reps as possible in 1min of each movement:



Atomic Sit Ups

Parallet  Jumps

KB Swing


Before we get started Christina gets a 3 rep PR on Thrusters, AWESOME!

The Box a rockin' at 5 am


Cassie and LeeAnn narrowly avert a mid air disaster: no not really. GREAT HOPS GIRL-RILLAS!

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  1. Gary

    Another tough one. Would have been tougher if we had 15 sec to get to next station before minute started. Enjoyed it.

    Proud of C for beating previous thruster PR by 15 lbs. Good Job!

    Worked in with the big guns on thrusters and ended up straining a neck muscle. Managed 155×3. Hope it doesn’t hurt my golf game today.

  2. Casey

    Great WOD!

    135DL was heavy. Tried to make up for low DL on parallette jumps……thanks Kyle for the inspiration.

    Total Score: 361

  3. Kyle

    DL was very heavy after those KBS!! Total 333 reps and I think half were parallette jumps. Way to go Casey. DL and burpees killed me, but I’ll get them back.

  4. buckeye76

    Great WOD. Per the DREW Scale, this WOD had a 100% SUCK factor.
    DL was very heavy. Total rep count was 228, certainly not impressive compared to Casey and Kyle.
    Laura, great job on the KB swinging the 45lbs.

  5. drew

    I am unsure if what my scale is but I appreciate even having one, me and Mr. Richter are both very proud.

    WOD was good! Not enough reps to beat Casey but oh well. I did 327 on the heavy lane. First round felt stron and I was shooting for 375 but fell very short as you can see. Having to record reps during transition really hurt me. Hard to think, suck wind and write all at the same time. I kept hearing “If you are not moving you are WRONG!” and realizing he was talking to me…

    1. Casey

      That’s funny Bear……even if I had to read it 6 times to get it! However, I will not be sharing my burpee weight 🙂

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