WOD: 05-24-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-24-2010

“Tabata Bear” an old friend with some new moves steps out of the forest primeval to once more take the measure of us.

8 rounds of 20 sec work / 10 sec rest for each movement:


Hang Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Looks like Cassie dicided wisely to use the rest interval for a quick prayer.

Not quite up to speed on front squats? That's ok here comes the Goblet Squat.

Melissa knocks out a new 3 rep PR and continues to pick up momentum.

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  1. drew

    WOW! On my newly invented scale this was a 1,000! Still not quite sure what the scale relates to but this was hard. 115lbs got heavy fast, a noticable decline in reps…
    I find no solace in Matt’s statement that tommorows WOD will have no barbells in it, as Murph has no barbells in it!

    1. buckeye76

      The Drew Scale relates to the “suckiness” of the WOD. I will tell everyone this WOD had a high “suck” factor. I may have attributed the “suck” factor scale to you in error.

      Brad, are you the creator of the “suck factor” scale?

      DL – 8
      CL – 4 (?)
      FS – 3
      PP – 5

      95 lbs.

      1. drew

        I will gladly own the scale if Brad or someone else does not claim it Jim, or you can have it! As long as this WOD is the Gold Standard for the scale.

  2. laura

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I didn’t go with 75# on this one like I really wanted to….went with 65# and that was heavy after about round 3 and then just continued to suck more and more!

    I’m glad that there were brave souls to kill the baby killer snake 😉 this morning….I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to lay out on the floor again after a WOD.

    glad to get the week started off right 🙂

  3. Bear

    WOW. that really did suck. Went with 115 trying to play with the big boys. That got heavy fast. I think suck factor came from Niko

  4. Gary

    Sorry I missed the challenge. Must have been a little tired. Didn’t even hear the alarm this morning. Was startled awake by turbulent winds and a tremendous sucking sound at around 5:15.

    Going to strap my alarm clock to my head tonight. See you all in the morning.

  5. brad

    Wow. It was great to get back in the box after a 5 day layoff. Good all around workout from the warmup to the wod.

    @115 (trying to hang with the big dogs, even at 175 bwt)
    DL 74
    HPC 35
    FS 32
    PP 26

    Numbers were unimpressive but it was still a good day. Matt did say something about “you will rue the day you met me….” just before 3, 2, 1… So we were warned.

  6. brad

    Matt’s been pretty clear that Murph is special to him and he only does it on Memorial’s Day. Maybe he’ll do it this week, but I’m thinking more likely he’ll do it next Monday. As rx’d, it’s an hour+ (at least for me). Would be tough to run as a regular dailiy wod.

  7. Tim M

    Wow did this kick my butt!
    75# DL – 11
    24″BoxJump (Sub for HPC) – 7
    Air Squats (Sub for FrntSqt) – 13
    75#Push-Press – 7

    OK, going to bed now. Maybe I am in bed – and this was just a bad dream . . . .

  8. Niko

    I can honestly say that my performance in this WOD was less than awesome. I couldn’t complete a single good rep on my last sets on the front squat or push press. This one has a very high suck factor. Its suckage is on a galactic level. I’m talking the Sputnik of Suck. Kudos to Chris and Melissa. They rocked it.

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