WOD: 05-26-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. drew

    So this was my first WOD ever on 12-19. Unfortunately I did not record my time but I did record the scaling that took place. Was on the Red band, jumped on 16″ box and only did 30 of each exercise. Today only 5 months later no scaling and finished WOD in 10:36. Bottom line this stuff works!

    Oh yeah I alomst forgot to thank Casey “The Hall Monitor” who kept me in check this morning when I unintentionally tried to skip out on the last 10 pull ups. Props to Linda for her drive an amazing performance!

    Don’t forget to send in the home sweet farm (fresh local organic produce) application by the end of this week. We need to have at least 10 shares purchased. Information packets are on the desk.

  2. Casey

    I shared Drew’s story with the Girl-rilas this morning. Definitely a testimonial. I’m AMAZED at how far you have come Drew!

    11:15 kip, 20″box, 45lb KB

    We had a short kipping clinic at 9:30………way to go girls. For the record Meredith got at least 2 pull ups w/ no band.

    Meredith, Tracey, Karen and Christine- way to finish strong girls!!

  3. brad

    Thanks for the repeat wod. I like to measure progress. Unfortunately, my progress is not on the same scale as Drew’s.


    Nice job to the 530p crew. Great effort all around

  4. Gary

    Well, I didn’t have a record of how I did 5months ago, but I do remember my exasperation last time with the inability to do the pullups at the end, and I don’t ever remember doing 60 burpees (I must have been doing a modified one at that). Burpees do “STINK” (that was for Casey).

    I seem to remember my time being upwards of 18-19 minutes in December. I went into this WOD determined to beat Drew’s time (Drew, you’re a Beast!). Not even close, posting a time of 13:09m today, but definitely alot of improvement from last time around. No stopping next time.

    Good job, Lynn, and congrats to my wife for her much improved performance. I’ll let her post her time. But just let me say that she was literally jumping up and down with excitement. Also, came very close to her first kip pullup. She’s going to get it next time.

    Corey, very impressive with 10 kips! Awesome job.

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