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FUN de MENTALS class Sat 29th 7:00 am to 8:30am : Primarily for our new members but open to all Silverbacks.  We will be providing detailed instruction in heavy lifting, establishing personal base line standards and a detailed instruction in the principals of CrossFit Methodology.  Speak to any of the instructors or use the comments section to RSVP

Just FUN at our 9:00 am workout: OPEN TO ANY AND ALL, Cross the border into the Silverback Nation.

Heres What Happened:

Teams of 4 working  at 4 stations

Row 500m

Deadlift 21-15-09

Lateral Burpees 21-15-9


Team moves too the next station when slowest member completes task

This turned into a Gorillympics the team work  and effort were amazing:

The "Black Team" pulled a powerful first place finish less than a minute ahead of second.

Quality couples time for Jim and Lynn

The Girl-rillas team in the thick of the fight.

Yep, that did the trick.

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