WOD: 05-28-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-28-2010

“Silverback Max”  Alright a couple of days away from the barbells, not that Burpees are any vacation, it’s time to see what we are capable of.  Two minutes on each lift to squeeze out every rep you can.

Deadlift 2 min

Squat 2 min

Push Press 2 min

2 min rest between rounds

Casey leading by example

2 minutes.....never seemed so long and yet goes so fast. Great effort this morning

Gary put everything he had into his two minutes

When he started a few months ago Steve's air squat didn't look this good, nor did his intensity. WAY TO UP YOUR GAME SILVERBACK.

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  1. Casey

    95-100-105 for 3×3 full cleans

    DL 135lb – 30
    BS 115lb – 22
    PP 65lb – 27

    Good WOD to end a good week.

  2. drew

    Fun WOD and if I heard Matt correctly we are going to use this as a benchmark. I think I need a new 1RM on DL and several other lifts.

    DL 265lb- 33
    BS 185lb- 30
    PP 145lb-20

    Clean- Feeling better about this still staying fairly light for form. (135-155-165)

    1. brad

      this wod is so close to repeating the “SB test PHD” wod from 4/19. Only difference is BS vs FS, and the order was a bit different. Can I do FS tonight and benchmark it?

      Since I’ve never completed a hero wod as rx’d, am looking forward to Monday. There are, unfortunately, too many hero wods to choose from. Am hoping for one that incorporates elements we don’t regularly do — lots of pullups, or muscle ups, or distance running. Matt likes short bursts but I’m hoping for a long one.

  3. Tim M

    Way to go get it everyone!
    I did ‘Kelly’ (5RFT of:400mRun, 30BJ’s, 30WBs) in 30:08 at Xfit-Ground_Zero in Norman OK.

  4. Gary

    Good WOD to finish the week. 65% DL is skewed. Still working off of 1RM DL from way back when before I hurt my back.

    DL 185lb – 27
    BS 185lb – 25
    PP 145lb – 20

    Looking forward to Murph. Did I just say that?

    1. Tim M

      Running was the easy part.
      Coach Uwem was doggin’ me on the wall-balls. I’d get lazy & not go deep enough so he kept having to remind me about that. Also, they have a 10ft line on their wall & he want the ball OVER the line, not hitting it. Tough, but good WOD.

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