WOD: 05-31-2010 MEMORIAL DAY – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 05-31-2010 MEMORIAL DAY

“Murph”:  Why  Murph is “the Hero WOD”? Because it takes the most common of elements and forces most athletes way out of their comfort zone.  This is not a test of muscular endurance or VO2 max, this is a test of guts, perseverance and belief that finishing sometimes is winning, when it takes everything you have to get there.  I saw a lot of winning this morning, scaling was to a minimum, who wants to climb a shorter mountain anyway.  Awesome effort Silverbacks I look forward to more.

Run 1 mile

Pull Ups x 100

Push Ups x 200

Squats x 300

Run 1 mile

Two lessons today for Christina: You can push way beyond perceived limits and don't wear all black in the Houston heat. Way to go Silverback!

100 Kipping Pull Ups: What else can you say, GREAT JOB!

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  1. Casey

    Matt, First of all thank you for your service to our country. When I didn’t want to keep moving I thought about all the things you have faced as a Marine. I have never really heard you talk about anything other than the good times you had in the Marine core but I know there is so much more. You are a great leader and I have never been more proud to be a part of the Silverback Nation.

    Great job to everyone today. 1:01 Murph Rx’d, I’ll take it.

  2. drew

    Great memorial day WOD! Very tough I was expecting to hit the wall before the final run. Basically did 10-20-30 as a strategy. This is the least I can do to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Time 60min OK 60:11. Was trying to be in under the 60 minute mark! But this time included the taping of the bleeding hands.

  3. Linda

    Definitely a Memorial day I will remember and for all the right reasons. It meant something that we were doing the same workout that Lt. Murphy did, maybe he talked a few friends into joining him sometime. I did not do it as prescribed (50 pull ups) but give me a year. My time 1:26:53. Way to Go! to all the others who worked out this morning.

  4. Tim M

    Don’t mean to repeat Casey but she hit the nail on the head – THANK YOU Matt and to all those like you who are/were/will-be on the front lines. We appreciate the sacrifices you and your families have made to defend our freedoms!!
    As RX’d in 51:02 (PR by 17min).
    Can’t say how proud I am of Linda – she never quit, never walked on the run, and saw it through all the way to the end! Way to go Girl!

  5. Dick D

    Well, this was a doosey (sp) for a first WOD back from the abyss. 52:48 with no kips and a fat bar. Did this at the Klein HS track and the only thing I could use for a pull up bar was a section of cyclone fence (about 5’9″ to 6′ high) that was missing the fencing and doubled as a gate because of the construction areas. So I had to hang with my knees bent at a 90 and couldn’t kip at all. The squats were quite the equalizer as well. That was my slowest mile (2nd go around) that I can remember. Run…walk….run…waaaallllk….run…waaaalk…. you get the picture.

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