AND THE WALLS CAME DOWN – CrossFit Silverback



Well the ink is still drying, but I can’t sit on this news. In the next 30 days we will add an additional 2,600 sq ft to the HQ of the Silverback Nation.

  • Room for two or more concurrent classes and children’s area
  • An additional (larger, nicer) bathroom
  • Admin/storage space
  • knock me over with a feather, two additional bay doors.

Combined with the new pull up rig the Steve U. is working so hard on, I can only say “hold on” as we go to a whole new level!

None of this happens without all of the individual athletes and trainers and their above and beyond efforts that make the Silverback Nation a one of a kind experience. My heartfelt thanks for your trust and support as we have grown.

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  1. Gary

    Very exciting news! Missed the last work party. Won’t miss this one!

    Congrats Matt. It’s exciting to see evidence of your vision, hard work, motivation and encouragement.

  2. Linda

    Big thanks from Ana and Daniel for the kid’s area. Is that why we had to run around the building so much this week- like the walls of Jericho? Yippee!! for Matt and the bigger better CFSB!

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