WOD: 06-23-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 06-23-2010

“NICOLE” notΒ one of the popular girls but no less dangerous.

AMRAP in 20min

Run 400m

Max Pull Ups

Record complete rounds and total pu’s performed.

You can always count on Dick to give everything in the WOD.

Mia breaks the 100 barrier on her first day of front squats, very Silverback!

Newest athlete Valerie tackles Nicole after moving to Texas a week ago. Welcome to the Silverback Nation, why did you wait so long to get here?

Sometimes I take a picture so odd I have to post it. Trent, no kicking the camera, bad Silverback , bad!

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  1. Linda "wife of Conan" until he decides to change it.

    Laura, I know how you feel. Riding the PR high from yesterday and today got no where near my max for Front Squat. 110# for front squat. Used red band for Nicole and got 4 rounds in with 45 pull ups. Good working out with “Girl-rillas”.
    PS: Training logs are at the printers and should be available soon.

    1. Tim M

      I’m with you Bear! Linda wants to go to NYC and I keep asking WHY!!! Crowded, noisey, & expensive – how is that fun???

      1. Bear

        We saw the Yankees vs the mets then got to go to the locker room and the field and check it out. Also saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. Tiffany’s we didn’t make it thank goodness

  2. Susan D

    Day 2 of crossfit…getting up the stairs in our house is a challenge. πŸ™‚ It’s hard but I’m loving it. Haven’t worked out this hard or drank this much water since volleyball in high school (20 years ago)

    WOD: Nicole 4 rounds, 30 pull-ups on red band

    1. Tim M

      You did GREAT Susan, you should be proud!
      You should also be proud of Christopher who knocked it out of the park today.

    2. laura

      OMG Susan!! I’m so proud of you!! GREAT job! Please please please get through the soreness by stretching lots and KEEP WORKING OUT (Crossfit of course πŸ˜‰ once you get past the initial HORRIBLE SORE STAGE you’ll be good to go and only get sore every so often πŸ™‚

      See ya soon!

    3. brad

      Congratulations. Yes, you can expect “a little soreness” for the first few weeks or so. But nothing that a glass of wine and back rub from Dick won’t fix.

      Oh, wait a minute. I guess I shouldn’t be advocating alcohol on a CF website. My bad (but it still works)

  3. Dick D

    Front Squat: 165,185,195 (PR – Felt like there was more there). Flexibility in the shoulders is improving.

    WOD: 6 rds, 82 PUs. Wish I could have run better to get to the 7th round pullups πŸ™

    Awesome job from the smaller Douglas type. He was smokin’ on the run.

    Spousal unit worked her rear off.

    Quote of the day: “Why is it so hard to sit on the toilet?!” –Susan D.

    1. sleepyjingli

      Good job, girl! For you are able to SIT on the toilet.
      When I started 4 months ago, I don’t think I can sit on the toilet with my upper body and my legs form this obtuse angle. I did practiced aiming the toilet for quite a few days.
      (Can you tell I am a Red Neck?)

  4. Tim M

    Julie you are too funny!

    FS was 165 & 185 (only 2sets, ran out of time)
    Did 6Rnds, 68PUs for the WOD.

    When Matt called ‘time’ I was starting the 2nd lap of my 7th Rnd. Another 90Sec & I’d have caught you Christopher! I could try to use the ‘Im just an old man’ excuse . . . but Dick’s performance kind of pokes a hole in that.

    Lot of new faces this week; Big CFSB Welcome to Susan, Valeria, Graig, and Kevin ! ! !

  5. laura

    unless I get booked to work tonight I will be there at 630p πŸ™‚ tried for 5am but uhhhhh slept right through it….finally heard it at 600am :/ guess I was tired!!! haha!

    1. laura

      MIA!!!! I’m so proud of you! That is REALLY awesome and you should really feel so proud of yourself!!! Super strong πŸ™‚

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