WOD: 06-30-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 06-30-2010

As much as I dislike “chippers” we have  sprinted quite a bit lately, time to shock the system with a solid 3 mile run.  I compare this to runs becuase the first time I did this with my Marines some of the times were catastrophic (remember I had not learned about scaling yet).  Trying to put some fire back into my fire breathers I told them “If you can do this  imagine how easy a 20 min 3 miles will be on the PFT (Physical Fitness Test).  Next PFT every Marine was sub 21 min.

“Dirty Thirty”

For time 30 of each of the following:

Pull Ups

Box Jumps

KB Swing


Sit Ups

Wall Ball

Push Press

Knees 2 Elbows

Walking Lunges

Double Unders

Amy and Ben making quick work of the box jumps

While visiting on leave Dan hit a triple on heavy thrusters and a sub 15 Dirty Thirty, not bad Army. (Oh that hurt to say!)

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  1. Casey

    Unlike Matt, I love chippers!! Someone PLEASE come work out with me tomorrow morning…….last time it was just me and Matt…….no offense Matt 🙂

    Shout out to the Girl-rillas who ROCKED the Dirty Thirty!! Welcome Tonya, it was good to have you.

  2. laura

    oh wow….. 🙂 unless I get booked for work tonight I will be there at 630p. I tried for 5am not sure why I’m not capable of this lately but I didn’t wake up till 630am and was close to late for work… :/
    guess it’s a good thing I got a bit more rest than normal…
    OHHH and what if you can’t do double unders??? 60 singles?

  3. Gary

    We’ll see you all in the morning. Looks like a good time. Haven’t seen any posts from anyone that worked out this morning……. Is everyone still alive? What were your times?

  4. Lynn

    Barely alive! This killed me this morning and I need a mid-day nap.
    22:10 – Sorry Casey, don’t think I lived up to the Girl-rilla name today:(

  5. Bear

    My time was 21:38. Huge suck factor and of you can’t do double unders then you do 100 singles. I did two double unders in a ROW: )

  6. corri

    I was so sore from yesterday I could hardly get out of bed. Me and my friend Leslie still have issues setting up my bar with the correct weight ; o )
    Thrusters 65 75 80
    WOD time 20:38

  7. Chris Douglas

    Almost broke 100# on the thrusters, missed the last rep and ended up at 95#

    Went a 21:34 with the 45# KB and bar, now I have missing skin on my right hand to match the left!

  8. brad

    Great effort at 630p from Laura, Valerie and Greg.

    Thr @ 135, 155, 165 2x
    wod 19:39 rx’d

    can’t really compare times to 4/21 because we did KTEs this time and I think twice the lunges. Nonetheless, it’s a great wod (if by great you mean it hurts)

  9. sleepyjingli

    I don’t want to say I love this WOD, but I definitely prefer to do this over the rowing and running.

    21:23 is my time.
    I really don’t know what happened, because I did this in Apr. my time was 18:57. Hummm….

  10. Casey

    18:28 rx’d
    I love chippers, did I say that already? Gary I really, really wanted to beat you…….not in the cards for me today…….awesome job.

  11. Gary

    Casey, I kept plugging and cranking fully expecting to hear you call time before me. Don’t know how I pulled that off. Timed out at 17:58m. Good job. Fun workout.

  12. brad

    Everyone’s efforts are to be applauded. Casey and Gary – very impressive rx’d times. You obviously don’t stand around sucking wind as much as I do. As Matt points out, that’s the time killer. I took breaks on everything but box jumps, situps and lunges. Some things are strength related (eg, can’t do 30 pullups unbroken…yet) but mostly it’s about turning off that little voice — well, that voice actually gets quite loud. Putting the bar down twice on the push press? Doh!

    For those concerned about times vs 4/21, dont’ be. If you read posts from that day, all times appear to be 2 – 5 minutes slower. KTEs certainly added time, heat, maybe more lunges. My time was 2:30 slower but I feel like I put in a much higher quality effort this go around.

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