WOD: 07-02-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Gary

    Don’t count on it….. But they do have some cool shirts for guys. Just saying.

    For the record. I went with Christina to plug Crossfit Silverback and left a bunch of fliers. They have a setup there for different gyms to display and advertise. They mentioned the Lululemon competition they’re putting together.

  2. Helen

    I liked Matt’s statement, “Oxygen is a luxury.” Maybe that quote should go on the new walls.
    (Oh yeah, . . .and my lungs disagree with that comment . . .)

  3. Casey

    Way to represent Girl-rillas! 10 girls in the storming rain today!! Great to have you Carla. There is a rumor that the spirit of Selena is alive in the box! Great cd mix Christina.

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