WOD: 08-02-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-02-2010

FIGHT GONE TABATA: It’s just another WOD.  I enjoy watching newer athletes reaction to the more seasoned crowd as everyone puckers up at the thought of FGB.  Before it was a charity event it was just another WOD.  I guess that what happens when you become a celebrity.  Frankly, I think Brad Pitt sits on the can and poops just like everyone else and FGB in any form is as good as any other WOD for a Monday morning.

Wall Ball


Box Jump

Push Press


All movements done for a 20sec work/ 10 sec rest cycle x 8.  Remain at the same movement for all 8 rounds

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  1. buckeye76

    Great WOD; high suck factor because of the rotation of the components. Each one drains you for the next. I counted total reps by component:

    WB – 48
    SDHP – 40
    BJ – 40
    PP – 36
    Row – 56 (cals)

    Drew, happy birthday you “young whipper-snapper”. Did you enjoy the waffles?

  2. Casey

    I don’t have my book to post my numbers but I don’t think any were double digits…..it’s Monday I guess.

    Happy Birthday Drew! I really can not believe I am older than you……….at least that’s a good excuse for you beating me so often……….it’s my age 😉

    So good to see all the Girl-rillas flat on their backs after this WOD. Maximum effort ladies, awesome!

  3. Bear

    Whew! I’m worn out. Crossfit Epcot. Walked all over the place. Vacation? Not sure about that. Finally got a cold beer in Japan.

  4. Marianne

    Tough WOD today. Started feeling dizzy after the WOD. Spmehow I am still glad we did not have to run in 100+ degree heat. Matt, how are you suppose to score the WOD?

    1. laura

      Marianne-I think people were doing it two diff ways….you could either add up total reps per station or use your lowest number of all rounds for each station.
      I leave my book at the gym so I have no idea what mine is!

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