WOD: 08-04-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-04-2010

Fran’s Ugly Cousin

21-15-9 of the following movements:



Atomic Sit Ups

The only thing harder than your first CrossFit workout is the second.

Betsy deeply focused on the effort, or she just forgot what number she was on. Seriously, Betsy had that breakthrough WOD where you don't workout, you CrossFit. Welcome to the Silverback Nation.

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  1. buckeye76

    Truly an ugly cousin. Hit a PR on thrusters 165 lbs which made the WOD tougher. Did the WOD with 105 lbs and had a time of 13:39. It drained me.

  2. momsnotfuling

    Just call me “Bugsy” McCree. Went too heavy on the weight(45# for 2 rounds and 25# on last round), thrusters not my favorite movement. Heart goes out to all the afternooners today. Appreciate all for “come on linda’s” I heard this morning. Really kept me going.
    On completely different tangent- discovered ,during the summer, one can cry in the gym and everyone just thinks they are wiping sweat from their face;)

    Need advice on how to get over mind psych of 21-15-9’s ?

      1. momsnotfuling

        thanks Jim. I imagine you giving me a solid slap on the back as you are giving me this advice. As you can tell I didn’t do competitive stuff at school and have to learn some new traits at CF.

      2. buckeye76

        Hell, I just re-read this post, my typing is horrible. It should have said,”man up. No getting over the pysch of 21-15-9. The suck factor is high no matter how you slice it. Just man up.”

    1. laura

      Linda well I don’t know if this will help you….but the 21 you just got get through….then when you get to 15 I say to myself…”that’s only 5, 3times!
      and then 9 well….that’s ONLY 9 🙂
      sorry I know it probably doesn’t help….but I think you just have to get through it…bite by bite…
      NOW with that said…..if you come up with a way to make the WODs that are like 40, 60, 80 reps easy mentally let me know….cause those are the ones that KILL me mentally….

  3. gary

    Good to be back. New thruster 1RM PR at 175lb. This whole week has been 8-10 suck factor after 2 wk vacation. WOD at 115lb in 14:43min.

    By the way, those aren’t tears, just massive amounts of sweat dripping in the eyes and off the forehead – thanks to 100 deg index every day this summer. In the winter, your not combusting spontaneously, that’s just steam rising off your forehead as you lay completely drained on the mat.

  4. brad

    I am still sore, nearly a full two days after doing this wod. 1RM thrusters followed by a wod with heavy thrusters. Wow. I’m hoping for something bodyweight tonight. I think my time was 12:4?. ‘Bout killed me.

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