WOD: 08-06-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. buckeye76

    First, I want to thank Dick for allowing me to participate in a parental teaching experience. It has been a few years since I had the opportunity to teach an off-spring a ‘life lesson’ of that magnitude.
    Chris, aka rabbit, Mrs. 45, and (now) Mr. 45. Wonderful job, you brought the ugly one to the dance and you stuck with her; even though you were tempted by another. Most would have succumbed and accepted the advances of the other. You; you did not wavier. You stayed focused and finished the dance with the ugly one. A life lesson was taught and it is your job to figure the lesson and how it applies going forward.
    My WOD, 45lb kettle bell with a time of 12:59.

  2. Dick D

    Hats off to the boy. As Matt P says some times you just have to walk up and slap the bear. Well, Chris D. woke up and decided to slap a grizzly this morning. Good job buddy. Jim, you can razz him anytime he needs it with no worries at all.

    Garrett tore it up at the 630 class. He really obliterated this one (8:xx!!! w a 45#). Chris, Brad, Kevin and the Red Raider crew did an outstanding effort as well. Great to see all the new faces, hope you guys keep comin’ back. “Misery loves company”

    My effort:
    SWOD: 11-8-5-5-6
    WOD (45#) 14:4? (I couldn’t string anything together to save my life. Way too much down time)


      Thanks Dick! , you’ll def be seeing my brother and I back again. We really need to ge out endurance up OBVIOUSLY! I’d like to get under 10 minutes on that one day! In time…baby steps. Props to Garret too that time was beastly!! Couldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it.

      WOD time: 11:12 give or take a second or two. I know my brother Ethan got 11:08. It’s burned in my mind to beat him next time lol

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