WOD: SATURDAY 08-07-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: SATURDAY 08-07-2010

9:00 Saturday-Always different, always challenging, always fun.


Max Pull Ups x 1 set (untimed) Each pull up will subtract 2 seconds from your final time.

Row x 500 (must meet minimum time or repeat with addition of 10 seconds to minimum, ad infinitum.)

Dips x 30

Atomic Sit Ups x 30

DB Thrusters x 30

Push Up x 30

Box Jump x 30

Turkish Get Up x 30

The men cross the Line of Departure.

"Rowing is my Kryptonite" Dick.

If you're looking at the camera can you really be rowing your hardest.

Brad decided to one-up the workout and substitute ring-dips in the next room. Very Silverback.

The story of the day was Turkish Get Ups, at 30 reps it doesn't take a lot of weight.


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  1. Dick D

    Holy Heat wave Batman! This one got hot really fast. Felt like I was gonna go down for the count on the Thrusters.

    Pullups: 30
    WOD: 27:16 – 1:00(pullup “bonus” = 26:16

    This was one took alot of chewing to get down. I was moving pretty good til I hit the dang thrusters. Then my world started falling apart.

  2. Tim M

    Ahhh I love a good ‘Chipper’!

    WOD was 19:57 – 32sec (2sec per PU) = 19:35

    1st time I’ve worked out since Monday so I tore into it.
    Don’t like doing TGU’s for time/speed. JMO 🙂

  3. brad

    I’m with you, Dick. I was in a full sweat after run and skip. The burpees really cooked my goose. Then the pullups. And the row. Should have gone home at that point because after that, it was a beatdown plain and simple. My congratulations (and respect) to all you sub 20’s. Amazing stuff. I think I was the caboose on today’s train.

    Pullups – 24
    WOD 28:00 – :48 = 27:12

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