WOD: 08-09-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-09-2010

“Jane” as in plain

 you don’t have to be fancy you just have to be good.

For time:

Cleans 10,9,8,7….1

Push Ups 1,2,3,4….10


The 5:00am Silverbacks came at it hard.

Stacy and Johnathan going after it.


The Brothers McMahon have upped the game in the afternoon workouts. Good to have you aboard Silverbacks.

Cameron and Christina with a some mother daughter workout time.


Laura finds religion at the bottom of a clean.

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  1. brad

    OHS 1RM @ 135 (been stuck on that a while; need to push myself next time, even if it’s a failure)

    wod 8:46 (I think) @ 95

    Knees are shot after cleans and OHS this morning (as well as some extracurricular work I did yesterday). Good to be back though.

  2. Dick D

    OHS: 4×3 @ 95 working technique and range of motion in shoulders.

    WOD: 8:3? w 75#s (Don’t laugh Drew)

    PFT @ work:

    Pullups: 27 (dead hang)
    Situps: 60 ( 1 min )
    Pushups: 69 (chest to floor)
    1.5 mile run: 9:50 (legs shot from Cleans this am)

    My legs literally felt like cement after the .75 mile mark. I went through there at 4:19 and then the wheels came off the rest of the way to the line. Ran (easy) another couple of miles afterward trying to “flush” the legs (it didn’t work in case you were wondering)

  3. Casey

    Taking off b/c of sciatic issues 🙁

    Great to have Firefighter Jessica and Judy’s daughter Anna at 8:30 this morning!

    Judi way to step up and go heavy, all with perfect form!

    20 Gorillaz in the kids class today!! Great job Cassie!

  4. Valerie

    75lb, 95lb, ended with being able to bang out 2 OHS with 105lbs!!!!

    Full cleans(from the ground and finishing in a squat) with 75lbs


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