WOD: 08-11-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-11-2010

“FIVE x 55”

For time 10,9,8,7,6,…..1 of the following:

Push Ups

Goblet Squats

Box Jumps

Pull Ups


Christopher demonstrating some of his new explosive power we are developing for the upcoming season.

Cassie was all grit and gumption on this one

Don't let the pink Chuck Taylor's and tube sock fool ya, Val is absolutely serious on every WOD.

Julie in her first unscaled workout did tremendous. (notice the gloves)

Now notice they don't help. A CrossFit rite of passage, welcome to the Silverback Nation Julie.

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  1. Zach

    Just a little thought for everyone…

    “We are not strangers to the notion of hard work. We allow ourselves to experience discomfort, in fact, we demand this of ourselves every time we hear the words “3,2,1 GO!” We embrace every opportunity to improve our technique, and expand upon our functional movement skill sets. Squat holds during our warm-ups are not viewed as inconveniences to be endured. We don’t check out and go somewhere else for the 10 seconds we are holding the bottom of the squat position. We hold the bottom of the squat with authority. We own the squat. If we do not have the midline stability or hip mobility to stay upright through the torso during the squat, WE FIGHT FOR POSITION and work through the entire 10 seconds to get better at the squat. We know that good technique does not happen by mistake. Practice and hard work are our allies in the quest to achieve Elite Fitness.”

  2. Casey

    Props to the Girl-rillas……….all 17 of them at 8:30! Just trying to coordinate this WOD for some many girls was tough. Thank you all for your patience and willingness to “make it work”.

    Kipping Clinic tomorrow @ 8:30 AM
    Cassie will be there to work with the kids too.

  3. brad

    DL 295, 325, 345 (3RM PR)
    WOD 19:54 w 185 DL and 45 KB
    I liked this one a lot; a little bit of something for the whole body. (Almost) constant motion. Because of the longer duration, this should be harder for the evening crowd.

    Props to Jonathan for letting me talk him into the heavier weight, and then beating me with it.

    1. Jonathan

      DL 255 – 275 – 295 (3RM PR)
      WOD 19:50; 185# DL and 45 KB
      Thanks for the push, Brad. Was trying to keep up with Drew but couldn’t overtake him. Happy to break 20 minutes.
      Impressive, Rachel. Need to get Chris in for the 5 am class!

  4. Rachel

    20:12, 75# DL and 35# KB
    All “boy” push ups and 1st time to do WOD with 20″ box – I can see BIG progress since starting in May!

  5. Christina

    When I found out Drew was done in 19 minutes I started to feel nauseous, but I survived like I always do.
    Time: 20:27

    Good job Meredith and all the other ladies there – way to go Sivi and Tanya! And YOU TRACY…185lb deadlift – what the heck! Rachel, so impressed with the all boy push ups and 20″ box! Doesn’t it feel good to get STRONG!

  6. Chris Douglas

    205- 255- 275(x)- 260(PR) on the deadlifts, but I did get one rep of 275#, and that’s higher than my normal one rep max!

    Went 16:33 using the 45# KB, 24″ box, and 135# on the deadlift.

    REALLY liked this WOD.

  7. Zach

    Deadlifts 315-315-365 took it easy-ish becuase of CFKaty challenge this wknd.

    185# deadlifts
    45# KB
    24″ Box

    This was a good one and the evening class had no trouble with intensity and the heat!

  8. Casey

    Kipping Clinic: Attendance rates were low but success rates were high!

    Congratulations to:

    Tracey for getting her first pull up!! (actually first several pull ups)
    Christina for making much progress (even with a bum leg)
    Judy for moving all the way to the TEAL band due to her mastery of the kip!!

    So proud of you ladies!!

  9. Gary

    Well that stunk. Aside from lifting 355lbs x 3, (previous 1RM PR), cramps and blisters – I blistered the WOD at 28:?? at 185lb dl and 53lb sdhp. Stunk it up. Hope my golf game goes better tomorrow morning.

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