WOD: 08-13-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-13-2010

Thruster Fun

20 sec work / 10 sec rest repeat for 16 rounds.

Athletes may not set the bar down for the entire 7:50

20 seconds of "work".

10 seconds of "rest".

Another 20 seconds of "work".

Awww, CrossFit pillow talk.

Anna, your weights just went up, there is no smiling after the WOD.

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  1. Rachel

    45 lb – 56 total reps – My lowest round is not worth mentioning. Why was this so dang hard?? I couldn’t decide if the thrusting or “resting” was harder!

  2. Casey

    Great job Rachel and all the Girl-rillas!! Most people would snicker at an 8 minute workout…….and most people could not have made it through that one! No matter your final count, your effort was off the charts. So proud of you girls!!

  3. brad

    Warm up – drive 6 hours
    Strength – haul boxes, furniture, clothes, appliances across parking lot and up stairs
    Wod – for time, unpack boxes, assemble furniture, connect appliances
    Stretch – a cold beer with dinner

      1. Linda

        Brad, Tim hijacked my “comments”. I did not make the previous post. If I was moving my child into university all I could do is not try and cry in front of them and bawl like a baby when I wasn’t with them. Safe trip back.

  4. corri

    Used purple band except mountain climbers used terq WOD I could not keep count, I think 41 with 45# I did not put the bar down. Max was 6 lowest was 2 very tough after the week. Great job everyone. Good luck this weeken Zak and Vallerie.

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