WOD: 08-16-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-16-2010

“DAN” short for DANIEL

Pull Ups x 25

Run x 200

Thrusters x 21

Run x 400

Thrusters x 21

Run x 200

Pull Ups x 25

5:00 am: Time to make the doughnuts.

Diana jumps into her second class and looked like a seasoned veteran.

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    1. buckeye76

      Half of Daniel was more than enough. Sprint if you like but “Dan” will beat you down. Used 95 lbs for the WOD and clocked in at 13:47. I think the real time was 11:47 as I was a second flight. Not sure if MAtt gave me the raw time. Either way, it was a tough WOD.

  1. Casey

    13:?? I………..was………..so………slow! Pull ups, slow, didn’t want to tear my hands again, thrusters, slow, ridiculous, running……s….l…..o….w!

    Aside from all that, I thought it was a great workout!

  2. brad

    SP 3RM @ 145
    Wod w 95lb, 12:22

    Did you ever get blind sided playing football (or soccer, or basketball…)? Feeling good, just running along and, wham, you find yourself flat on your back. That’s what the thrusters felt like.

  3. momsnotfuling

    Zach, you rocked as a coach for me today. 21 of thrusters really mind psyched me, and you just casually tossed out “give me 7” and I thought “Yea, I think I can do 7 thrusters!” and then just break it down into 3 rounds of seven. We’ll see if this helps next time I have 21 somethings. Jamie, Susan looking good with the shoulder presses.
    Shoulder press 55-65(x)-60
    WOD: Pull ups first round strong teal band/final round red band, Thruster 25# bar Time 17:49
    Regetting all the summer fun and non-paleo food, but ready to get back to it.

  4. Dick D

    Dan wasted me today at 4pm. Thank goodness the rains came and cooled it off. I hit a brick wall after the first run that I had a hard time getting around. no way i was going over it. I didn’t take care of my body and it revolted in grand fashion. Hopefully I learned my lesson but we’ll see about that. Would really like a rematch with Dan some day.

    125 Shoulder Press

    95# on the WOD
    clocked a 14:3?

    I thought my brain was gonna come out of my head as I walked the vast majority of the 400 and last 200. Pullups came relatively easy compared to thrusters and running. Kind of an out of body experience.

    Lesson learned!


  5. Tim M

    Shoulder Press was 115-125(tied w/PR)-135(x0)
    Wimped out and did 75# for the Thrusters. But I can tell that 95# would have been UGLY!
    WOD was 11:42(ish)

  6. sleepyjingli

    Weakness and fatigue got the best of me, reduced me to tears….Oh, Dan!

    Thank you Christine and Tracey for your encouragement.
    Christine, thank you for getting my water almost after every WOD while I laying on the floor trying to revive myself. Thank you for your prayers, truly needed it.


    Awesome WOD! I kept the weight low at 65lbs for my thrusters to keep form and speed good but next time will def go heavier to impove on this one. Finished second to my brother Ethan @ 9:30. Sounds fast but the lower thrusters weight was a definite aid in that, still a pretty hard workout. Loved it! Back for more tonight at 6:30. See you guys then…

  8. gary

    More improvement in strength for me – PP 135×3 – 3 times. Could do more weight.

    Didn’t exactly nail the WOD, but was pleased that I didn’t crater like I have been lately. Found a little bit of my mojo – encouraging. Best thing was, No Cramps, for first time in 2 weeks. 14:02m at 95lbs and no band. Kips have improved 100% – blisters or no blisters. I can build off of that.

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