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CONGRATULATIONS BEAR:  Bear Eaves is back out on his own as an independent full service plumber.  He did work at our house and Mrs. Silverback was extremely happy with the cost and results (apparently bathroom plumbing drainage is not one of my gifts).

THE NEW LOGBOOKS ARE IN:  Just leave a comment here if you you want one.

T-SHIRTS ARE COMING: We are changing vendors on this one and believe all of our past issues are exactly that. New designs and a couple of standards will be available in  the near future.  Let Casey know if you have a good idea or even a rough sketch.    Don’t be shy, all ideas welcome.

THIS SATURDAY: FUN de MENTALS (One)-This is the first of a two part class that will teach you “why’s” of what we do, in depth instruction of our basic lifts and establish a baseline strength to better program your workouts.   This Saturday 7:oo am to 8:45 please leave a comment here to participate.


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  1. Linda

    I will also be sending out a questionnaire to all members for our new “member of the month” spotlight. The coaches will be highlighted first. I would appreciate it if everyone participate and we could find more about the people we workout with and those in other classes. Please if the everyone could send their e-mail address to me at it would help me out so much. Thanks in advance.


    I have some skills in designs by hand, nothing digital but feel free to ask me about coming up with anything for some shirts…and def would like a log book to start recording all these WODs. See ya at 630 tonight all…

      1. MONSTER-MAC

        Thanks Linda for coming out tonight to bring the book…for some reason I didn’t get notice of your reply about the $15 so I apologize for that and I’ll bring it tomorrow night. Thanks again

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