WOD: 8-18-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. gary

    Thanks for the pic. I’d forgotten how dark it is at 5 in the morning. Expecting to be rudely re-awakened for the 5am once school starts in a couple weeks.

  2. Casey

    They came, they saw, they conquered! Way to go Girl-rillas!! Negative splits across the board. Most were faster on round 3 than round 1!

    Matt always says anyone can do rounds 1 & 2, it’s round 3 where you find out who you really are and what you’re made of. That’s where you have to ignore when your body screams “Stop” or “Slow Down” or “Your Tired”……….you have to not believe the lie and push harder, THEN you push even harder…….it’s intensity. You can always do more than you think you can!!

    Shout out to Brooke, Judy, Tracey, Christine and of course to Christina, you were the rabbit this morning!!

    1. sleepyjingli

      Proud of you, Lynn!
      How did you do that for the last round?
      Increased weights, shorter the time…WOW!

      May I add: your CUTE AS BUTTON son did a superb job coaching the class:)

  3. dick d

    Figured out stomach “bug”…El Paso City. 3 of my co workers have the same issues. No wonder the wheels fell off Monday. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Great work by the 5am crew. Fun to watch from the sidelines sometimes.

  4. Susan D

    This workout was really tough. Don’t recall my times as I was crawling to find a place to lie down between sets. I have graduated into doing the full workout-yay! Thanks for having a 4 pm class, it’s perfect for us teachers. 🙂 Thanks for pushing us Matt and Zack.

    Chris D-I have learned when you come in after the 5 am class and say it was a “fun” workout it’s going to be a killer. 🙂

  5. laura

    did 85# for cleans
    round 1 2:24
    round 2 2:19
    round 3 2:16
    I’ll take it 😉
    going to go to the park tomorrow to run, run sprints, run, run more sprints and I’ll throw some other things in there along the way maybe atomic situps, pushups, pullups….
    see yall Friday

  6. Tim M

    I liked this WOD – HIGH INTENSITY!!!
    With 135# Cleans.

    Big Kuddos to Gina! I remember a few months ago when she started and couldn’t do a pushup. Today she did 12 consecutive Burpees w/girl pushups and good depth. WAY TO GO GINA!

  7. sleepyjingli

    When my little Ape came to my bedroom at 9:06am, I was still fast asleep. That means a LOT of burpees. So I slept on.
    Went to the 4:00pm class. When Zac said race to 100 burpees. I was sure he was kidding…
    Susan and I completed 92 burpees.

    40lb for cleans
    round 1 2:30
    round 2 2:20
    round 3 2:36 (for this round, I had my cool sunglasses on, borrowed Peter’s cotton tail, heard Casey yelling in my ear:”you push even harder…….it’s intensity. ” It’s my slowest round, but I give it more than 100%.

  8. sleepyjingli

    I am confused.
    How come everyone’s last round is faster than their first round except mine?
    Something wrong with what I did? I feel like a odd ball.

  9. Garrett L.

    I wanna give a shout out to my boys Mac and Ethan. They pushed me today more than i would have ever by my self in the 400m run. Because of Mac pushing me from behind in the 2nd round and E being my rabbit in the 3rd i was able to go negitives across the board. THANKS GUYS!!!!


  10. brad

    was a strong performance by Garrett, trying to chase down Ethan on that 3rd round.

    Garrett – you took all my trash talking with a smile and then buried me in that trash

    w/ 115#
    2:14, 2:19, 2:11

    Tim – you crushed this thing! Heavy weight and fast times.

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