Our resident musician and middle age butt-kicker Brad will be playing with his band Saturday night, good music good friends, local bar sounds good to me.

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  1. brad

    “Talent”…maybe. Volume, absolutely. Thanks for the plug, Matt.

    WARNING: This actiivity is decidely non-Crossfit and may involve consumption of non-Paleo bereages. Big Hand Joe plays (loud) versions of some of the best blues and classic rock ever made. We are (loud) not great, but keep your expectations low and you should be reasonably surprised. Choppers is a new venue for us; haven’t even been to the joint but it’s new so it shouldn’t be too gross yet. So come see us play (loud) this Saturday night. If you play and/or sing, we welcome (loud) sit-ins.

  2. brad

    Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Wish I could have spent more time visiting (Dick! – thanks for coming and sorry I didn’t talk with you).

    Got to admit, been playing for 30+ years, and last night was the first time I’ve ever been cheered on with “3, 2, 1 … pick up that thing and play the next song!”. Jim – I suspect you were the instigator behind that.

    Yeah, the hula hoop girl was an interesting twist. Despite rumors to the contrary, we have not been rehearsing with her (I had to convince my wife) . If you weren’t there for the third set, well, your loss.

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