WOD 08-20-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD 08-20-2010

“Silverback Strong”

Deadlift x max reps in 5 min

Back Squats x max reps in 5 min

Push Press x max reps in 5 min


Christopher taking one of his infrequent breaks

People often ask why I don't publish more of the pictures I take. Because many of them look like this.



Gina has come miles over the summer, when she struggled with air squats. WAY TO GO Silverback.

"I love it when a plan comes together." Hannibal (The A team not the Cartheginian)

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  1. laura

    5 min is a REALLY long time……
    did 95# back squat I think I did 40 reps ??
    did 80# push press I think I did 42 reps ??
    did 115# dead lift (should have gone heavier) did 46 reps ??
    not real sure if I got the reps exactly right but all were in the 40s
    took lots of breaks…too too many….my hands are killing me and I can’t seem to get them better lately. it’s not the weight so much as it is toughing it through my hands hurting sooooo bad….gotta figure something out on this….I thought changing grips to my fingers on some things would give my palms a break so now my fingers and palms are tore up!

  2. Chris Douglas

    Back Squats- 46 reps at 115#
    Push Press- 49 reps at 75#
    Deadlift- 28 reps at 185#

    Did 75% of my deadlift max thanks to faulty math.

      1. brad

        No, ’cause I’m afraid the kid is going to grow into this Hulk-like thing and kick my butt up and down Louetta. His math is fine by me.

  3. Valerie

    105lb Back squat reps55
    80lb Push Press reps46
    150lb Deadlift reps31

    **Gotta work on NOT taking so many breaks… Loved Matt’s saying “ya aint gonna get any reps with the bar in the rack”… hmmmm, only if I could get my body to agree with that…

  4. Jessica

    Tried to get to 5am class on time, but work timing not good. Got there late, but did the work out at the station…almost 2 weeks doing crossfit..Loving it 🙂




    Never knew 5 min was soooo long..

  5. Garrett L.

    ……… is all I have to say about this one.

    DL 280lbs- 47 reps
    BS 225lbs- 26 reps
    PP 125lbs- 52 reps

    I also wanna give a big shout out to Lindsay. She has now been doing Crossfit for 2 months and has not missed a day (other than the river trip). She as well as myself are now completely addicted to Crossfit. As Jim stated in his testimonial we are no longer trying out Crossfit we are living it and loving it!!!! I also want to thank everybody at CFSB for welcoming us into the family and pushing us everyday. THANKS AGAIN ALL

  6. Tim M

    DL(205) – 55
    BS(185) – 28 🙁
    PP(105 – 43

    I was dreading this but it wasn’t as bad as I thought’d be. Not to say it wasn’t nasty tough!
    BS sucked – had some back pain. Don’t know if that’s a form/technique thing or if maybe I did the DL’s wrong after I fatigued.

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