WOD: SATURDAY 08-21-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: SATURDAY 08-21-2010


21 “Don’t gotta ounce of quit in me” types showed up for:


Pull Ups x 25

Deadlift x 50

Push Ups x 50

Box Jumps x 50

Floor Wipers x 50

One Arm Clean and Press x 50

25 Pull Ups

"Fresh" after getting off the Pull Up bar.

Lynne and Val bring pitting themselves against "300", you have to ask them who won.

Lyndsay prepares to fly high, David not so ready.

There she goes.

Melissa and her first tangle with Floor Wipers (so do 50)

Yup, that did it.

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  1. Tim M

    Feb6th – 20:15 as RX’d (nice cool morning)
    Today – 18:59 as RX’d (neither nice nor cool)

    Cool – I guess this stuff works!

  2. Dick D

    Ok I give what’s a “floor wiper”. I’m either going to do this one or Fridays at the office today. That is if I can get past this beer headache from last night. Great to see everyone come out and gather for Brad’s gig. Good tunes my man.

      1. buckeye76

        “Slight” headache is an understatement. I either need to drnvk more often or give up drinking…

        Brad, you guys sounded good. Nice job.

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