WOD: 08-24-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-24-2010

“Tabata Tag Team”  Ok, so its not true Tabata, I bet it’s still a butt kicker.

Athletes are paired up.

A1 Works while A2 rests (encourages) for 8 rounds 20 sec work/ 20 sec rest.

Push Ups

Sit Ups


Row (for calories)

Take the lowest round for each athlete and average.

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  1. laura

    well alarm clock (s) (yes BOTH of them) went off for an hour and 10 min….and so I woke up at 520a. Thought I wasn’t going to get to come today BUUUUUT my meeting for this evening just got cancelled!!! YAY! see ya at 630p 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. laura

    FAQ > Metro Dash™ > How long is the Challenge?
    Search the FAQ for entries containing:

    Competitors typically finish within 1-2 hours. On average Metro Dash covers 3-5 miles.

  3. brad

    after yesterday’s debacle of a performance (I hate cleans), it was good to get something in my wheelhouse. I like tabata anything, even if modified. Steve and I teamed up and he recorded our performance so hopefully he’ll post. Interesting that the extra ten seconds of rest didn’t really help my numbers much

    1. laura

      yea Brad I think the 10 sec “rest” was a mental thing to make you THINK you were getting rest….cause really it was enough time to take a few breaths and uncontract your muscles for a couple of seconds and then it was time to go again!
      was tough but I will say that I didn’t stop at all except for towards the end of the squat and push up rounds….and they were super small “stops” 🙂

  4. laura

    Great job teaching class Zach! 🙂
    thanks to Christopher D. for being my partner! Great job! you’re so speedy at everything!
    See everyone in the am!

  5. Dick D

    uber dehydrated when I showed up. My feet were cramping during front squats and never stopped. Holy electrolyte imbalance Batman!

    Front Squat: 165, 205, 225 (fail)

    WOD: Pushups 11
    Row 5 (still my kryptonite)
    Squat 15
    Sit up 9 (hips and feet cramped at this point not fun)

    Garret was a heck of a partner. He pushed me the whole way.

    1. brad

      man, if you show up dehydrated to an evening session, I can only imagine what it’s like after. “Hip cramps”…wow. Never heard that

  6. brad

    Laura – I don’t know what that means. Whjat are the dates?

    Btw – looking unlikely for me at the metro dash. Looks like I will be traveling a few weeks

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