WOD: 08-26-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Tim M

    How ’bout them sprints!
    I did sprints w/some buddies on Monday & was so sore yesterday/today that I can’t do them again.
    Did the Seal complex yesterday – that was fun!

  2. gary

    Love this workout. Didn’t know, if I could sprint anymore. Hadn’t done so since college (eh-hemm) – 20 yrs ago… Loved it so much did it last night, and again this morning with Christina.

  3. laura

    I am so sore from the abmat thing tues that I can’t sit/stand up straight and I had to sleep propped up with a pillow cause stretching myself out flat was NOT an option….I sure am glad this WOD is what it is..see yall at 630

  4. Dick D

    So the boy took me again…but I gave him a credible scare on a couple of them. Great to mix it up. Looking forward to manana.

  5. Jennifer

    I love sprinting that was so much fun:) My legs ae really sore though since I haven’t used those muscles since my soccer years

  6. buckeye76

    Missed Tuesday’s workout due to travel and will miss Saturday’s because of wedding stuff. Came into Silverback this afternoon to row. I had plans to row either a 2 or 3k. Asked Matt what he thought (bad move); he suggested a 5k row and keep it under 20 minutes. Had to do it. I had the first 1k in the books and had to take a call (rowed it in 4:12 minutes) Finished the call and rowed a continuous 4k in 17:49.

    Lynn also rowed and did a 3k in 15:17. Enjoyed the row.

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