WOD: 8-27-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Dick D

    boy am i glad I used the vest on yesterday’s seal complex! this might have been too easy. Notice the satire in my computer “voice”. Matt, please tell me you had this planned out before you saw me struggle yesterday afternoon.

  2. brad

    Whether you or agree or not that it’s just another wod, there’s no disputing it’s one of the (if not THE) most talked about crossfit wods. Except on this forum today. It’s 2:42 pm and not a single editorial, posted time, or lamentation…..

  3. It appears Casey isn’t going to brag on herself so I am going to have to do it for her. She chopped 2:00 minutes off of her Rx Fran. Remember Silverbacks, she just started kipping pullups this year. CONGRATULATIONS to the Leal Girl-rilla. Everyone this morning pushed really hard, afternoon classes the bar has been set high.

  4. Lynn

    Congratulations Casey!!!!! That’s awesome, thanks for all your inspiration. Fran ate my lunch this morning and left me crying for mercy. (I don’t remember reflecting on my experience:)

    1. buckeye76

      You do not need to be a mind reader or be married to Lynn for 26 years to understand what she is thinking; she is telling herself, “why in the @#$%*@#$ am I doing this to myself. Why in the #$%&^@# did I allow Jim and Zach talk me into this. Why am I still coming; because I love the results! The Dr. knows.

  5. Tracey

    Congrats, Casey!!!! Way to set the bar so high and to continue to push us.

    WOD –

    45 lbs.
    strong purple band
    time – 4:24

  6. Jessica Ayala

    Awesome job Casey! 🙂 My first time doing the Fran! It was awesome and I’m gonna work hard to get on your level!

  7. Sivi

    Way to go Tracey and Casey!

    This was my first time to meet Fran (and Zach). I was nervous about both. Definitely liked Zach more than Fran. Thanks for pushing me to the end!

    Rachel and Jaimie-great job!

  8. buckeye76

    I was the caboose on this one today. Felt the effects of the 4k row I did last night. I used 95 lbs and clock in at 9:38 🙁

  9. brad

    geez, where to start….
    Dick @ 4:40 as rx’d, wow (Zach – did you take him?)
    Tracey with the low time
    Congrats to all the Fran newbies
    Casey – nice time; never seen so many props without a time posted
    My 6:33 isn’t what I wanted, but PRs are PRs, no matter how small

  10. Dick D

    That’s probably as close as i’ve come to the pukie stage. Left it all on the table today. No doubt about it. Took me a good 20 min to get my head back together. Thanks for the push Zach.

  11. Rachel

    I have to say I am OK with Fran – at least for our 1st mtg. Next time we meet tho, I plan to have more weight, no pull up band, and be faster! My first work out at 4PM was great -Zach encouraged me as well as our CF greats – Brad, Dick, and Chris! I didn’t have it all in me as I had to stop despite their encouragement! Next time I hope to be as RX’d. Big dreams, I know – but Casey has taught me it is possible!

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