SATURDAY 08-28-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


SATURDAY 08-28-2010

17 Brave souls showed up to SHOOT and SCOOT (full)

Divide athletes into pairs equally scaled

3 Rounds for time of the following:

A1 Rows for Calories

A2 Bear Crawl 10m – KB Swing  (Light) x30- Lunge 10m

Bear Crawl 10m – KB Swing (Med) x 25 – Lunge 10m

Bear Crawl 10m -KB Swing (Heavy) x 20 – Lunge 10m

Athletes Switch Positions

Round 2 – KB Swings – 20, 15, 10

Round 3 – KB Swings – 15, 10, 5

Total Calories divided by 2 and subtract from time.

Why are Garrett and Zach in such a hurry, probably because of that 80lb KB on the end of that Bear Crawl. VERY SILVERBACK GENTLEMEN.

One word to describe the rower "merciless", so be relentless.

One half of the equation.

The other half. (Apparently Brad and Bear needed a KB huddle.)

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  1. Garrett

    So I was extremely excited until I saw it was 3 rounds through. This one left me a little dizzy and begging for my mother… Zach and I paired up for this beast.

    Kb swings
    45, 53, 80

    330 cal rowed left us with a time of 24:23

  2. Dick D

    I hate missing these. Although I am quite sore from the previous 2 days. I guess waking up at 3 am (4 hrs of sleep) today didn’t give me much rest from yesterday because I feel like the bottom of a well worn workboot. Good Chow (5 egg omelet with red bell pepper, onion, cilantro) and sleep for me tonight. Long run manana and a WOD in the evening.

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