SUNDAY – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. brad

    Here’s a thread I’ve been wanting to start for a while — devise your own personal, hardest wod. What are those routines that get your goat? Which one just challenges you every time? What are you good at, but still drains you? What makes you queasy when Matt writes in on the board?

    I’ve got many possibilities, but I’ll start with this one:

    5 rounds for time
    6 Cleans @ med-hvy wt
    9 Kettlebell swings @ hvy
    15 Walking lunges (1R, 1L = 1 rep )
    21 Double unders

    The cleans and KBS would be manageable for the first few rounds, the lunges (for me) would get my glutes immediately, and the DU would jack the heart rate, making all remaining rounds all the more difficult.

    So, what’s your wod that you don’t want to see on the board?

  2. Linda

    WHAAA!? We WANT to confess this?? I have a couple of questions like this on the “member of the month” questionaire. I have it going out to the coaches first, but still need more members to send their e-mail address to

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