WOD: 08-30-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 08-30-2010


Deadlift (2 min)

Atomic Sit Ups (1 min)

Rest (1:30)

2 Rounds

Rest (3:00) the 1:30 of the previous round is included.


KB Swings (2 min)

Burpees (1 min)

Rest (1:30)

2 Rounds

Record reps after each round.

Marianne moving with speed and intensity at 5am, it ain't easy.

Gary at least looks hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have to finish painting the Wall Ball Wall as it looks like we workout in an asylum, wait a minute, nevermind.

While coaching the workout I noticed little Meryl stroll out the door with a KB under her arm, when I looked out the door this is what I saw.

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    1. Tim M

      Oh crap – you mean the red-nosed, orange-haired clown really IS following me? I hope he doesn’t catch me tonight (say between 5:30 and 6:30)!

  1. brad

    ok, I’ll wade in.

    KBS@53/burpees – 39/10, 38/10 (I think)
    DL@225/ASU – 20/36, 17/32 (again, not sure)

    Heavier DL weight, but fewer reps across the board. Drew can rep 20 225 lb DLs unbroken. Takes me two minutes.

  2. momsnotfuling

    Ok, they say confession is good for the soul. CFSB- I was lured by fruity pool drinks and fried foods. I vegged over the summer like a college kid after finals. I did not hear the cry of the crossfit over the cool a/c.
    But I have returned and recommitted to eating healthier and working out regularly. It will be a couple of hard weeks getting my body back to do what it doesn’t want to do.
    I know it is better for me in the end though, so if we pass in class and I am huffing and puffing please just give me an “atta girl” or remind me I can do this stuff.
    Or if you have done like me, now is the time to come back. Join me in my “do over”

    1. Dick D

      Welcome back, now drink the Kool aid very slowly and let it oooze into your pores….that’s it. now next week you can slam it like tequila shots.

  3. Dick D

    Holy deadlift Batman! I was seriously nervous standing over the bar before the workout.

    DL (255): 28-27
    AS: 29-30
    KB (53): 25-27
    Burpee: 11-9

    Felt like I was moving through quicksand on the burpees and KBs. I’m with Brad on the numbers. The second rounds tend to get a little fuzzy.

    Shout out to Camille and Bella H. on the first day of Lil Ape class. They both seemed to have had a great time. Thanks Cassie.

  4. Gary

    Hadn’t done TGUs in a while. Forgot how much I enjoy them. Good WOD.

    55# KB/burpees – 57/15 49/12

    225# DL/ASUs – 20/36 14/32

  5. buckeye76

    Traveling and in Alice, TX. Ran 2.5 miles in 18:17 (approx.) Went to the hotal gym and did a WOD consisting of the follwoing:

    Goblet squats w/ 35 lb dumbells 21-15-9
    curls with 30 lb dumbells 21-15-9
    military shoulder press with 45 lb dumbbells 18-15-12


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