WOD: 08-31-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. drew

    OK everyone seemed paranoid about the lack of posts yesterday. So here is a post. re: yesterday I could not remember my numbers. But Matt seems to think I went to light. I guess I should have gone heavier than 225. However, calculating the actual work if I had only done 25 reps at 265 versus the 41 reps at 225 I discovered that I would have put out 100 less watts of power, 70 fewer ft lbs/second and my total work would have generated 10,000 fewer joules. Bottom line I did more work faster with the lower weight. The defense rests.

    Today was fun too. Came out of the blocks a little fast. Should have paced myself a little more on the first set. Ended up at 141 as a team. Props to Casey and Leslie for doing 200 squats…I think they could have done 201 but thats just me.

    1. Dick D

      ok, so me using 255 yesterday was too much? I new I was nervous for a reason. Where did you get your statistics? Beyond the whiteboard? Just curious. Now I want to get all geeked out on numbers. Maybe I’m just trying to get away from all my “honey do’s”. Time for a nap. Too much golfing this morning.

      1. MONSTER-MAC

        Heavy is good! I think I’m gonna shoot for 265 or so next time. I got 17 reps each of the 2min sets this time with 245lbs. I was happy with it since last time during the 5min set I only got 20 reps with 245lbs. I’d say that’s decent improvement or at least better time management right!

  2. drew

    No I was just estimating what I thought I would be able to do at 265. I probably did go light. There is a power calculator free on performancemenu.com. Also beyond the whiteboard is great but it is a subscription site.

  3. Casey

    I just have to say Leslie “You get the keys” is AWESOME! I think I might have possibly sort of pushed her out of her comfort zone this morning. Our goal was to be the last team standing……..thanks Leslie.

    I love these WODs. It’s you and the bar and mentally you have to decide how far you are willing to push yourself.

    200 reps

    Drew- Maybe next time you and Jonathan can do 59 more reps and then let us know if one more rep is an option 😉

  4. brad

    Not sure this long one is going to post…

    My two year anniversary. August 31, 2008 – I looked around the HQ website and found this wod – 30 Handstand pushups, 40 pullups, 50 KBS, 60 situps, 70 burpees. Scaled everything but the situps and it still took me 27 minutes. The following weeks had me do scaled versions of Murph, Fight Gone Bad, Nasty Girls, Filthy Fifty and then Fran as prescribed in 18:12 (yep, you read that right). I knew that I could only dream of performing like Amundson, Spealler, or even Annie or Eva. So Brad at age 46 was out to prove that his best fitness was still ahead of him. What a concept – throw around some heavy weight with your heart rate jacked, move your bodyweight as fast as possible, time yourself.

    By October, I was fanatical. Islamic jihadists admired my passion. Bodyweight and times were dropping; loads and rep schemes were increasing. Fanaticism turned to Evangelism. Come, hear the good news. You don’t want to hear it? Well here it comes anyway… even Mormon missionaries avoided me. Evangelism turned to Elitism. I berated the manager at 24 Hour Fitness for not repairing the plyoboxes, installing rings, getting real kettlebells or bumper plates.

    Saturday mornings evolved from watching instructional videos (“Mom – dad is watching videos of men without shirts again…”) to researching Crossfit gyms. CFSB popped up one day. After a couple weeks of web-stalking, I emailed Matt whose response was simply “what else are you doing at 5 in the morning?” I thought of several good alternatives but kept them to myself. So on December 4, 2009, I walked into CFSB and introduced myself to Matt and Casey. And I am thinking, “well, this isn’t what I had in mind.” Where’s Khalipa, Salo or Jolie Gentry? One hour later, I realized Casey was all three rolled in one, and whatever I had been doing at 24 Hour sure as hell wasn’t Crossfit. Silverback-style anyway. Determined to never let that minivan-driving soccer mom beat me again, I returned. And was defeated. Again. And again.

    So I gave up on beating Casey and returned to my original goal – be in better shape in my late forties than I was in my late twenties. A few numbers, since August 08:

    Dropped 14 lbs bodyweight
    Performed 520 workouts (and can do thrusters, sumo dead high pulls and overhead squats; words that two years ago would have yielded nothing but blank stares)
    About 100,000 reps, including 11000 pullups (heck yeah I count them)
    And, most important, 130 PRs (so, yes, Brad at 48 beats Brad at 28)

    Thanks to all my friends at CFSB who motivate me and push me to be better at 49 than I am today. And to buddy out in LA who pushed me originally; without him I wouldn’t have tried it.

    1. Casey


      Congrats on 2 years! I won’t pretend to understand all the stats you keep but I’m glad you do it if it keeps you coming back.

      December 4th was a little different from my perspective. When you walked in I definitely wanted to beat you, I saw that “great I have to workout with a girl look”……but not too bad b/c Matt really needed clients. I was so grateful you came back. I think you saw the real benefit of working out in a box with other athletes. You give me way more credit than I deserve and not nearly enough for yourself.

  5. Rachel

    What an inspiring post, Brad! Your experience encourages me that Crossfit is effective and that I can and should persevere. Thanks.

  6. Brad, great post and way to go.

    WOD no partner for me 75 on my own with Matt timing me. Used 75# which was heavier than 50% but I knew i needed to do it. Was tough going up and down the stairs and Klein Collins for Meet the teacher tonight.

  7. Laura

    AWWW Brad! Congrats and GREAT JOB! You’re an awesome, inspirational athlete and I am so glad I know you! 🙂

    Valerie and I used 80# for the WOD and I did:

    round 1- 32 reps
    round 2- 30 reps
    round 3- 29 reps

    my total reps 91
    our team total was 187 I think…

    Val thanks SOOO much for helping me keep going…I would have stopped sooner I think if you weren’t there telling me I could get 2 more and then 2 more and then 2 more 🙂

  8. gary

    I’m with you, Brad. Christina and I were sold on CFSB before Matt even lifted the overhead door for the first time. I actually was glad that you and a few others started coming shortly thereafter. I was getting tired of getting beat soundly by Casey, and needed fresh bodies for other competition.

    Casey has definitely kept me motivated from the first day she enticed my wife to go to Matt’s bootcamp at 5am, and she dragged me along with her for support. 20 lbs and a new wardrobe later – I’m alot stronger than I’ve ever been… at the age of 44.

    200 reps between Casey and Leslie! Bear and I posted 109 at 165 lbs. Dang!!! She beat me again!

  9. Brad’s results are a direct result of his hard work and his “inner fire”. Sometimes you have to rein him in, but never does he need to be spurred to action. CONGRATULATIONS BRAD the Silverback Nation is better for your citizenship.

  10. Lee Ann


    Congratulations on two years at Crossfit. I agree, there is nothing else like it and feel the best I have in years too. Thanks for always encouraging us with a SMILE at the 5:00a.m. classes.

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