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The Competitive Animal

The tempreture is dropping lower, so the intensity should be going higher!  Still, sometimes we need another reason to push ourselves, some extra incentive.  Beginning Monday  October 18 to and ending Friday November 19 we challenge the Silverback Nation with “Tears and Power”.   This challenge is open to all, scoring will be based on power output.  That’s right we want to see how big an engine we can get in how light a car.  $20 Dollars to enter (commit) and that will cover prizes and a challenge shirt as well.  Give yourself an extra reason to come in and get that last rep.   Sign ups start tommorrow through the end of the week.  More to come………

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  1. Dick D

    I won’t be back til Monday but would love to get in on this. I get back in the late afternoon Saturday. Is there anyway I can get signed up then? or Monday morning?

  2. Ryan

    I’m in, and I’m taking no prisoners. I had my kids run interference as I ripped off the muscle milk truck today at the crossfit competition. Combine that with the expired Gu I have stockpiled and I have enough fuel to take this thing easy. Seriously though, I’ll do anything if a t-shirt is part of the deal.

    Nice to see the silverback nation representin’ today at the oktoberfest obliteration. I didn’t get to see Zach compete as my kiddos had to head home for their nappy nap but I hope it went well and I look forward to hearing about it. Zach will be forever imortalized in the dippy the dolphin diary. Thanks for being a good sport with the kids and taking a pic with them.

    Jim traded me a coors light for promising never to post the word _u_u again and I’m a man of my word but I still love _u_u and hope that _u_u keeps making great clothing for men maybe I’ll even stop by the _u_u store tomorrow and pick up some more great _u_u items.

    See ya monday bright and early!!!!!

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