WOD: 10-20-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 10-20-2010


21-15-9 of:

Deadlift (m225, f145)

Hand StandPush Ups

Cassie and Zach leading from the front.


Rachel made a rare afternoon appearence and represented the 8:30 Girl-rillas well.

Zach and Cassie going for as Rx'd Diane, great effort yeilds great results.

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  1. Dick D

    Thanks for working with us Casey. I know the 930 class isn’t that popular but it sure is nice when it’s there.

    Cleans: 120-130-140. Still need lots of work on technique. Felt like there was plenty of strength there just not making myself get all the way under it.

    WOD: 225 and hands on floor with ab mat under head.

    8:37 with the handstands deteriorating to full depth with very questionable finish to handstand/falling off wall. last set of 9 handstands were 1’s and 2’s again with questionable finish. Should scale down just a bit before I can complete a WOD with Rx handstands.

  2. Casey

    This was a good WOD other than the room spinning after the HSPU’s. Mine were very modified. I did 145lb and it got heavy pretty quick. I think by time was around 8:57 with some coaching thrown in for good measure. Dick and Patrick were very kids to let me work out with them at 9:30.

    There has been a lot of talk about stretching and mobility. For those of you who haven’t seen it this is the link to the Mobility WOD’s. If find him hard to listen to sometimes but he is right on with the mobility. http://mobilitywod.blogspot.com/
    No one really wants to take the time to do these things but we would all greatly benefit from time spent stretching and gaining flexibility.

  3. Ryan

    6:14 with 185lb deadlift/20 inch box.

    Drew was smoking the deadlift like paleo bacon.

    Props to Casey for leading this rabble. Nice to have you back with the 5am crew!

  4. Jonathan

    Only able to get in one workout this week in S America at a very nice hotel gym yday. The chaps doing curls gave me funny looks on warming up with burpees and pullups. Funnier looks on 3×3 front squats. Think they had written me off by the time i got to 4 rounds of 3 HSPU/10 24″ box jumps / 15 situps / 20 squats. Forgot my watch to time it but did it all unbroken. HSPU did not touch head to floor but was good ROM.

  5. Great job today from everyone who pushed outside their comfort zone on the HSPU. It’s ok if you didn’t get all the way to vertical, be aggressive, that is all I ask. It’s been a tough week so far and you guys are still hooking and jabbing, way to go.

  6. brad

    What is it with these hotels and their 15 different contraptions that do no more good than a kegel exercise? Scratch that. Never mind. I just wish they would save the money and put a barbell or two in there.

    Necessity being the mother of invention, one seeks out the heaviest weight in the place and starts from there.

    3 rounds
    10 each 1-arm dumbell C&J @ 50 lbs
    20 step walking lunge with db overhead
    10 double unders

  7. Dick D

    Forced my “jet lagged” rear out of the hotel room for a run (couldn’t make myself get on the “dreadmill”. Did a 46 min run for my CFendurance WOD today. Legs are stiff but all the strength stuff is paying dividends because I am stronger towards the end of the run and much more capable of keeping good form when I’m really tired. And as you all know from the previous 3 days, tired is probably putting it mildly.

    Thanks for the programming Father Silverback.

  8. Ryan

    Embarrassingly, I didn’t know what was so funny so I had to google “kegel exercises.” Funny progressed to me laughing so hard that I nearly threw up on my computer after I read the “benefits for men” section on Wikipedia.

  9. brad

    I thought all of us enlightened husbands enjoyed the bonding moment of “practicing” kegel exercises with our expectant wives. I did about three and decided that an epidural was going to be far more effective. For me, if not for her.

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