WOD: 11-15-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 11-15-2010

Hook and Jab

Power Cleans x 15

Front Squats x 10

Push Press x 5

and 1 of the following each round (Row x 500, Burpees x 20, Jump Rope x 150).

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  1. momsnotfuling

    Was great getting a chance to workout with the 4:30 group. Did the WOD with 55# in 17:44. The big news is PR’ed on Deadlift with 215#(increase by 10# from my last PR). Both Zach and Sivi verified my math. It’s been a while since I’ve had reason to say….WHO’S THE MAMA!

  2. Marianne

    WOD: 15:52 w/ 75# I was dead for 5 or minutes after the WOD
    New DL PR of 185#. Hope to get to 200# which is 1.5 times my body weight before the year is through.

  3. Sivi

    Enjoyed working out with Tracey, Rachel, and Linda!

    Linda, you looked strong on the DL! Awesome job! Rachel, you always inspire me with your determination and heart. You went up on your weight and did a great job on this WOD. Tracey, you always rock!

    WOD: 14:15 with 65#

    DL 235# PR (tried 245# but couldn’t get it all the way!) It amazes me to think my DL max started out at 175#!

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