12-01-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. brad

    2:35, 3:08, 3:15 (I think) with 95#

    definitely harder than it looks on the board (duuuuuuhhhh)

    Matt – for some of us snatch morons, can we try breaking it down and try snatch balances or other snatch component practices? Just a thought

  2. Tracey

    After Monday’s Back Squat death (64 at 80 lbs) – Tuesday’s intro to Jonesworthy – 19:34 time and today’s ITW (2:16, 2:18, 2:49 with 45lbs), it’s official – I hurt!!!!!

    Eight months of doing CF and tonight I feel like it’s week 1 all over. I asked my husband to install a handicap bar in the bathroom because my legs are hurting so bad. He siad “no!”

    Thanks to Zach, Casey and of course Matt for officially shocking the body this week. I am truly looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

    See y’all on Friday!


  3. Ryan

    2:51, 3:46, 4:00 with 95#.

    After Jonesworthy every muscle in my body was sore. My burpees were like scrapping gum off of the pavement.

    1. Casey

      Yes, T-Boz, I agree with the scraping off gum analogy. I also think it was just too stinkin’ cold at 5AM. The 8:30 girls destroyed our times!

      Excellent job today Lynn, Tracey and Judy!!

  4. Marianne

    65# 2:2? ( I think), 3:11, 3:0? ( I think because I remember finishing up my very ugle burpees as Matt was yelling that we were rounding up to 3 minutes) At the end of it all I was writhing in pain on the floor. My quads were quite literally on fire. I do hope to never experiance that again 🙂 Thaks Laura for the push, I was trying to keep up with her!!!

    1. laura

      snatch was super fun….second time ever doing this movement and the first time with any kind of weight…I think I’m gonna like snatches 🙂
      heaviest I went was 55#

      with 65# 🙂 (thank you Matt for not letting me take it down to 55#..I really didn’t think I could do it but I did!)

      rd 1- 2:00 flat
      rd 2- 2:33
      rd 3- 2:50

      Marianne-YOU made me push myself harder cause I was worrried about you yelling TIME before me 😉 Thank you for making me push harder 🙂

      burpees were ugly/floppy/messy and I can’t quite get them back into the groove/speed I had them at before…but this was the first time since the wrist injury that I’ve done them right…with out using the little box thing to keep my wrist straight..
      set the alarm this morning to come in at 5am woke up with a horrible sore throat and croopy cough…..took meds and went back to bed…
      working tonight but will try to come in on Sat am (depending on work sched.)

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