FUN DE MENTALS tommorow 5:30-7:00 – CrossFit Silverback


FUN DE MENTALS tommorow 5:30-7:00

Don’t forget FUN de Mentals :  This course is required within the first 60 days of joining CrossFit Silverback.  We are going to hold this again, but don’t put it off as it’s benefits in the daily WOD will be immediate.

FUN de Mentals I – Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00pm :  This is where we lay the groundwork  with detailed instruction and application of the lifts that make up the core of the power movements we use in our daily strength and conditioning workouts.

FUN de Mentals II- Thursday 5:30 – 7 :00pm :  CrossFit has a number of movements and protocols that are unique or at least not common is most workouts.  We will take the time to go over these in detail with an eye to optimizing the efficacy and the thought behind them.

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