WOD: 12-07-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-07-2010

“Kettlebell Hell”

For time 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 of the following:


KB Swing

Goblet Squats

Pearl Harbor Day: “Dec 7th, 1941 a day that will live in infamy”, ask folks on the street today and find out if that is true.  Just before I left Hawaii the USS Missouri was retired at Ford Island next to the Arizona Memorial.  The ship that hosted the surrender of our enemy next to the memorial of those lost in the surprise attack that launched the war.  I always thought it was interesting that the Arizona is covered with Japanese tourists,  they are much harder to find on the Missouri, hmmmmm.

As I look at this I am now glad that Ryan didn’t let go.

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  1. brad

    even though posting results seems to no longer be in vogue, I will forge ahead nonetheless, despite a crappy performance

    14:14 w/ 53#. Nice job to all who finished ahead of me, which would be everyone at 530p

    this was a very hip-centric wod and evidently I’m no hippie. And Matt’s warning to focus on good form was spot on. Get sloppy on this, and feel the painful burn in the lower back for days to come

  2. Casey

    11:30 45lb (forced to do this weight kicking and screaming at Zach) This was way harder than it looked. I kept finding myself on the floor with my head down instead of picking up the kb……..thanks for the push Zach.

    Great job Tracey, Lynn, Cassie, Patrick and Matt!

  3. Ryan

    …in a cold dark box around 5:00am somewhere in texas…

    DREW: are you wearing tights?
    ME: they are men’s tights.
    DREW: is there such a thing?

    15 minutes and change with 45# kb. at least Casey smoked me with the same weight at a diffferent class. I did get a rep of TGU with the 80lb KB. Guess that means i should have used a heavier weight for the WOD but I might still be there.

  4. drew

    Ryan- it was just shocking to see another man in tights at 5:00 AM. I am definitely channeling my inner Jim this week. I used the 55# and i think my time was 12 something but dont really remember.

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