WOD: 12-08-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-08-2010

“Mainsite Dec 8th”  I just happened across this last night and liked it bettter than what I had planned.

3 Rounds for time:

Run x 400m

Pull Ups x 15

Squats x 50

Pull Ups x 15

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  1. drew

    Matt like the forced posting of times. Have lost a little of the competitive spirit. Also like the idea of doing a Mainsite WOD every now and then for a reality/ego check.

    Kevin Montoya- 9:52
    Rob Orlando- 10:34
    Gary Heymeyer(sp)- 14:???
    Drew Hendricks 19:44 Super Slow today thanks for the encouragement at the end everyone.

  2. Casey

    18:49 – s…..l…….o…….w
    It was Rx, that counts for something, right???

    Props to Gary, Jonathan and Ryan!

    I like the new board arrangement too.

  3. Tracey

    Strong Purple Band – 16:20

    I chased Judi H. the whole way and never caught her!!!! I love the “Girl-rilla’s” class! Thanks, Casey, for always being such a GREAT an encouragement to us all! Great job today, ladies!!!!

  4. Christina

    Was hard as HELL getting up this morning, but I’m glad we did. Time 17:34.
    So proud of my love muffin this morning…who says white men can’t squat!

  5. Ryan

    Oh, do you know the muffin man,
    The muffin man, the muffin man,
    Oh, do you know the muffin man,
    That works out at crossfit silverback?

    Oh, yes, I know the muffin man,
    The muffin man, the muffin man,
    Oh, yes, I know the muffin man,
    That guy sure can squat.

    I gave myself three minutes to come up with something that rhymed and settled for that. Sorry, my creativity only goes so far.

  6. Gary

    Time was actually 15:30m. Quite certain that this time won’t stand long with the younger 6:30pm crowd busting it, but thanks for the props.

    O-Lift today was downright disastrous. I was skehrd…. just wasn’t comfortable getting underneath it this morning with body in sleep mode.

    Not quite sure what weight Drew threw overhead with split-jerk, but I was thoroughly impressed. Looked like 215 to me. That’s a whole lot more impressive than a little running, handful of squats, and a few pullups. If “Risk” is proportionate to “Reward”, then Drew is a wealthy man.

  7. Christina

    Oh, yes, I love that muffin man,
    The muffin man,
    The muffin man,
    Oh yes, I love that muffin man.
    He lives in Gleannloch Forest…

    And YES Casey, I am kind of like the tequila with the worm.

    Do you know what Gary is? Chiquito pero picoso!!!

  8. Dick D

    Zach, I thought you were in the 14:2x range? Anyway you kicked my rear. Way to finish it off. Trey (sp all messed up maybe sorry) completely demolished this one. Very impressive. Me?… I ran out of gas rather quickly. 14:47 with a very pedestrian 3rd round. Glad I wasn’t freezin’ with the 5 am class.

    All in all though, it was really good to finally be back in there with everyone. Hopefully I can keep some consistency for a few months.

  9. brad

    Yeah baby! Posting is back!

    14:32 but I have to DQ my time as I was not getting full depth on the squats (a little knee issue). Thanks to Tim for coaching tonight.

    530p rocked across the board. Wait until you see Trey’s time…

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