WOD: 12-15-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Tim M

    12:42 w/75#
    Exactly 1sec slower than what I did in the heat of Aug. All I can say is this is what happens when you miss WO’s & eat bad 🙁

  2. Jonathan

    Really slowed down thru the thrusters and felt like I was slower than last time, but actually shaved 30+ seconds off the August time. 11:43 @ 95#. Also got a PR on TGU at 85# this morning. Props to Amy and Julie for smoking this WOD in the 5 am class.

  3. Zach

    Like seeing some of the repeats to help boost morale and show that you have been getting better. Dan on 8/16 in 12:30 yesterday in 10:19.

    Even after the heavy front squat day thrusters still felt pretty good. Look forward to seeing everyone come out and support the Nation at the Christmas party this Saturday the 18th.

  4. gary

    Sucking wind by first set of thrusters, walked a little due to cramping, and posted 12:27m with 95lbs. Haven’t been eating good, and it showed. Know I can do alot better. Still shaved 1m 33sec off of last Dan in August. Surprisingly pleased that I did better, but still very dissappointed at my performance.

    Judy and Alice killed this WOD. Great job. I think Judy was eager to get it over with so that she could do some more Christmas shopping. She was over-anxious to get this one started.

    Hope to make it for a little while on Saturday.

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