WOD: 12-16-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-16-2010

“Dan” Everybody that took their mid week break on Wed it’s time to get back on the horse.  We last did the workout in August and the improvements in time and load have been phenomenal, don’t miss the chance to come in here and prove something to yourself.

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  1. Marianne

    I was trapped in Scotia Waterous’s office all day today and ate crap and drank only caffeine. Don’t believe I even drank an ounce of water until warmup today. Matt was right, I drank some slow sauce today. That goes to show how important a good diet is to your athletic performance. Did the WOD in 13:02 with 65# and purple band. That is exactly 1 min and 34 secs slower that August when I used 55# and a teal band. Not very happy with how I did, I really wanted to beat 11:28 so I hope we do this again soon

    1. I want to be clear, the “slow sauce” was in regard to your glacial kettlebell perfomance. If you take a good look at your WOD numbers you most certainly improved, especially in your pull ups and thrusters. Running we will work on. Still a great effort.

  2. brad

    11:17 @ 95. About minute faster than 8/16. Dick posted the most impressive one day improvement I’ve ever seen, but that’s his post. Got 90 lbs with the TGU. 100 lbs a good target for 2011.

  3. ryan

    I think tgu is the coolest strength exercise. 65# using the bar method. When you tell the average 24 hour fitness db about tgu they have no idea what you are talking about.

    My 2011 goal is to be ripped like brad.

    1. brad

      not taking the bait…

      if you aspire to something, you should check out Ethan’s time which was under 9 minutes. Fassssst

      time to change the avatar. Jack LaLanne perhaps?

  4. Dick D

    I hate to use the P word here…but I “paced” the first part of this WOD today in hopes of not having to walk during the runs and stop for hours on the thrusters. I was still “slogging” along on the 400 and second to 200 but I didn’t walk. So goal one accomplished. One break on first set of thrusters and pieced together the 2nd set with no less than 3’s (good for me). As for the time… Ethan and Garret were the greyhounds/rabbits.

    TGU=90, WOD=9:48 w 95#

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