WOD: 12-20-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-20-2010

” That Nibbles” a shorter version of “This Bites”

For time 5 rounds of:

Clean & Jerk x 5

KB Swings x 10

Sit Ups x 15

Push Ups x 20

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  1. Tracey

    Fun WOD! Great turn-out this morning in the “girl-rilla” class! Always a joy to be surrounded by such great women. Cassie did a great job leading this morning. Thanks for stepping up!!!

    This WOD provided the wonderful joy of a “sergeant’s kiss” – those that don’t know what this is, count your blessings! Those that do will feel my pain!!!!!!

    Time – 10:32 – 55 lbs. and a 30lb. KB

    Loved the new clock. Thanks Steve and Leslie for this wonderful gift!!!!!!

  2. Ryan

    14:02 with 115# and 53#

    My motivation came from Drew motivating Jim (who finished 14:00) yelling, “Don’t let Ryan beat you! He wears outfits!” Thanks, Drew:)

  3. brad

    12:12 @ 115 lbs and 55 KB (yes, 55, not 53).

    I like OHS, but I’ve got so much room for improvement. Another good focus area for 2011. Good coaching from Matt (and Jim!)

  4. drew

    Ryan- I knew I could use the same statement to motivate both you and Jim. See it worked and it was memorable!

    Like seeing new stuff for the KTD and warm ups! Time was 11:3? with 135# and 55# KB.

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