WOD: 12-21-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-21-2010


1) Hang Snatch x 10, Row x 500m, Rest 2 min (3 rounds)

Rest 5 min (this includes the 2 min for round 3)

2) Front Squat x 12, Jump Rope x 200, Rest 2min (3 rounds)

Rest 5 min

3) Pull Up Ladder (1-6)

Format by Pat O’Shea Ed.D, movements by Gym Jones.

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  1. Ryan

    high 2’s, low 3’s with 75#. Not such an allstar performance on the WOD, but Garrett and I smoked the pull up ladder like a paleo briskett in 1:09.

  2. Kyle

    Nice workout today. Did hang cleans instead of snatches. Front squats improving for sure. Could have cut 10 seconds a round with gary’s new socks and bandana courtesy of Ryan.

  3. Casey

    GARY!!!!!!!!! I told you to please let me know when you were going to wear it so I could work out with you!!!!! Uuuurrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!

    Good workout. Way behind Cassie and Tracey on the snatch/row, 2:58, 3:10, 3:??
    Fared much better on FS/JR…..not sure of my times.

    LOVED the pull up ladder. Cassie was my partner 1:18……..Ryan and Garrett great job but know that we are coming for you!!

    Tracey and Brad beat us on the pull up ladder but it was so not fair and they know it.

  4. brad

    Casey – such uncharacteristic hatin’….

    Liked these intervals a lot

    Snatch@95/row – 2:44, 2:45, 2:50
    FS@115/JR – 2:11, 1:50 (methinks something wrong here), 2:09
    Pullup ladder with Trey – 1:06. Take that, brisket boys (now I’m throwing it down)

  5. drew

    Liked this WOD don’t have/remember my times.

    Pull up ladder I think 1:08. I know we (Jonathan and I) beat Casey and Cassie but not Brad and Trey (about 200lbs lighter than us) or Zach and Ethan (about 40 years younger than us)

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