WOD: 12-22-2010 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Casey

    12:06 with Drew next to me chanting, “gotta catch her, gotta catch her”

    I think Jonathan was able to beat me b/c he was so incredibly excited about going to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station. Enjoy!!

    So, I’m not sure what was more disturbing this morning 1)Ryan asking to see Jonathan’s abs or 2) Jonathan showing them to him. You guys make 5AM very interesting.

  2. drew

    Well in May my time was 10:36 today it was 12:08 or something like that. Many excuses, read reasons why, but the bottom line is additional weight.

    I obviously did not catch Casey despite my “Chanting”. Which I think she was imagining.

    PR on Back Squats today 365. Matt I think we need to do a CFT.

  3. Zach

    Back in May time was 12:42, today knocked it out in 10:13. Felt good to get a great fast WOD in finally!!

    Great job to everyone at the 430 class today. Way to tackle it and put up some fast times.

  4. Kyle

    I wrote PR in my book before we started cause I was feelin it! And I did! 285lbs and it felt pretty good. 8:19 on the WOD subbing with squats and star jumps.

  5. brad

    11:48 vs 13:21 in Dec 2009. I’ll take that. My metcons continue to improve while my strength has definitely hit a plateau, if not gone backward. Congrats to Kyle and Drew on the impressive BS PRs. My BS, DL, SP (lifts that I’ve been doing for a few years now) are not improving. Any ideas? And don’t suggest “stop drinking beer”; let’s not get crazy.

    And props to daughter #2, I was impressed with her guts this afternoon. She smoked me on the burpees.

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