WOD: 12-24-2010 CHRISTMAS EVE – CrossFit Silverback



CHRISTMAS EVE, A HERO WOD:  Being deployed at Christmas is a unique experience, you are away from freinds and family and while this hurts you understand what your doing is important, celebrating with your brothers in arms it is a unique and special experience you never forget.  This year I promise our warriors abroad will get enough cards, candy and carols; what they can never have enough of is prayers.  Please remember them tonight as we all head off to celebrate Christmas. 

Dec of 04 right after the Battle of Fallujah and just before elections in Ramadi. You could never get Cpl Morrish down, it was a privledge to serve with him and all the Marines I know. (USAA used this image for thier Chirstmas Card a couple of years ago.)

“WHIT” a shortenend version of WHITTEN

KB Swings x 11

Box Jumps x 11

Run x 200

Burpees x 11

Wall Balls x 11


Brad seems excited that the Burpees wouldn't be "extra" today.


Brad's daughter Emily just about 12 hours from her last WOD shows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



Gary also finished up last night around 7:30 has decided to jump into the Silverback Nation full time. Congratulations on your decision and a great effort.

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  1. brad

    21:48. Seems like Kyle got done so much faster than me that he was able to drive to Starbucks, pick up a latte and return in time to see me finish. At least that’s what it looks like.

    Way to go Emily! Keep at it.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  2. ryan

    23:12. These burpees sucked too.

    It took a few days before I got a response but I am now fb friends with mikko salo. Im practically going to his new years eve party.

    Merry Christmas to all you silverbacks out there!

    See ya monday 5 am.

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