WOD: 12-27-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD: 12-27-2010

“DT” one of my favorites that always slips my mind until the mainsite throws it back in rotation. 

Compare w/ 7-14 or 7-15

5 Rounds for time:

Deadlift x 12

Hang Clean x 9

Push Jerk x 6

The Girl-rillas were the story of the day with wild improvement across the board. Val blasted out a sub 9:00 effort at 95lbs


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  1. Ryan

    I looked up loser in the dictionary after today’s WOD and there was a picture of me finishing 10 minutes after everyone else because I tried to use the same weight as Drew. Bad idea. Lesson learned? I hope so:)

    18:30 with 135#.

    PS: I looked awesome for the first 30 seconds of this WOD. I managed the deadlift and push jerk sort of, but it was the hang clean that really killed me. I don’t think I did more than two at a time even on the first set. Ouch.

  2. drew

    Like comparing to past times, when there is improvement! 10:20 on 7/14 used the same weight today (135lbs) and cut a bit of time off 7:29 today.

    Ryan I am impressed that you stuck to your weight and finished. Very impressive!

  3. Marianne

    I remember this one. It took me so long to finish I think Matt stopped timing me ( maybe almost 30 minutes) And it was with 55#!!!!!

  4. brad

    8:29 @ 115 lbs. I’ve done DT twice before, but not at CFSB. 20+ mins with 135 (don’t feel so bad, Ryan) and 13:45 @ 115. Shaving 5+ mins at the same weight feels pretty damn good. Competition and camaraderie are good things.

  5. Valerie

    7/14 was 10:20 @75lbs… tonight I did 95lbs with a time of 8:52.. was pretty happy with that considering I haven’t gotten a workout in a since the 21st and have eatin like crap in that time frame.. So glad Christmas is over, time to get back to normal!!!

    1. Marianne

      Excellent job Val!!!!! My time was 10:51 with 75# which is infinitely faster than my July time and 20# heavier!!! Might not be a fast time but I achieved my goal of coming under 11 minutes(barely :=))

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